4 thoughts on “I cried when I read these. This must stop. Have some decency and empathy. Hugs

  • We fit right in with the other top countries for human rights violations and 30% are all for it, 40% don’t know or care and 30% do care and see the injustice, danger and inhumanity of it all and try to do something if only speaking out about it.

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  • Something just occurred to me. Maybe others have already considered it …

    Is tRumpsky deliberately allowing this inhumane treatment of the immigrants primarily to discourage others who might be considering entering the U.S.? He is so totally heartless, I wouldn’t put it past him.

    Previously, I just figured a lot of the problems were simply because there were so many immigrants and not enough people/resources to process them. Now I’m beginning to think otherwise …

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    • Hello Nan. I do not know if tRump is aware of how bad it is , but it is deliberate. They were caught shifting people between outposts instead of taking them to processing facilities so they could hold them longer with out releasing them. The whole point is to keep from having to release them into the country to family or friends. Instead now they are doing mass dumps in towns because they have to let the people out of detention and they are way over crowded. This causes further hardship for the immigrants and the towns as the refuges have no money and no way to get to where they have support from family and friends. If different aid groups did not step up these people would be homeless and hungry wandering the streets. Great country , right? Hugs


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