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December 31, 2018

My rant on people attacking and doing dangerous things with self driving cars.

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  1. You know, I wanted to blog about this for a while because it was bothering me for some time. Nothing pisses me off more than people complaining about self-driving cars. What we need to do is get rid of all these idiot drivers who drive like maniacs. Each day driving, I fear for my life as they swerve in and out of lanes, tailgate me, run red lights and then head wrong way down a one way street while doing a doughnut hole into opposite traffic. Not to mention suicidal pedestrians I have to deal with who decide to suddenly jump in front of my vehicle when I have a green light driving 35-40 an hour on a main road. They wait until I am a few feet away and then jump in the middle for some insane reason. I’ve been telling my wife that these “incidents” of self-driving accidents are not only rare, but are often the result of human error from passengers and other vehicles. I find it so ironic that people are calling for the heads of self-driving cars yet have no problem with humans who are causing the injury and deaths of so many each year because of their complete disregard for human life with their reckless driving. Most likely those complaining about the safety are the most dangerous drivers themselves. To be honest, if self-driving have an accident rate due to programming error of 1-3%, it would still be worth it. The death and injury toll would be significantly fewer than trusting the hands of humans. 94% of all accidents are caused by human error. We could solve so many problems if all cars were completely replaced with self-driving ones. The cars would be able to communicate with each other. One car could transmit to another car that it needs to make a U turn, switch lanes, take an exit ramp, slow down, etc. The 2nd car would adjust its speed and driving to accommodate this safely while transmitting its intentions to other vehicles. Try doing this with humans. Show a turn signal that you wish to change lanes to make an exit. You know what happens? They freaking speed up, cut you off and everyone start driving like idiots. Then we get accidents. Add to this that people with limited mobility and sight issues can use it, remove assholes from driving decisions and the reaction and logic that computers can make and there is no reason why we shouldn’t implement this ASAP. All humans should be eliminated… from cars that is.

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    Comment by Rudeboyrg — December 31, 2018 @ 18:50

  2. Unless there is not sure who provides insurance, in case of an accident, no automatically steered car schould be on the road.
    All humans should be eliminated… from cars that is.” – i Hope including you. so that n o automatically steered car wilol drive on the streets
    your logic is miserable, otherwise you would have noticed, that, all humans eliminated , Nobody would take in a car .

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    Comment by miles — December 31, 2018 @ 19:41

    • I think you misunderstood me Miles. I find attacking self driving cars stupid. I support self driving cars. I have a new car with all that technology on it. It tracks the lane so you do not go out of your lane and alerts the driver if you do. It can keep a set distance from another car slowing down and stopping as the cars ahead of you do. It can even tell if you are sleep and advice you to pull over for rest. There is more it does but you get the idea. I think self driving cars are wonderful for the disabled and the people who do not drive or cannot drive. I want one. It is also safer as machines do not tire nor make judgement errors as humans do. Hugs


      Comment by Scottie — January 1, 2019 @ 10:15

      • Unless there is not sure who provides insurance, in case of an accident, no automatically steered car schould be on the road.
        Sorry, Scottie that does not convince me.
        I am with you on the distance controlI
        I am with you on the speedcontrol
        I am not with you on total automatic driving cause, computers can be hacked — and will be hacked.
        Just answser yourself one question: Why didnt Steven Hawkins get himself sich a car, he certainly could afford it.
        We the menkind should not do everything we could – with unknown risks in the programs and malware-Programs.
        Think of VW-Diesel and the greed of VW-Chief Winterkorn: Just for earning more money he dropped savety, And the owner of the seolf-driving car would bein the hand of soooo many others – and one thing would cpount : human errors and even greed.

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        Comment by miles — January 1, 2019 @ 10:51

        • Hello Miles. Insurance is handled the way it is now in the US, it wont change. In our country the person who owns the car has to have the insurance on it. As for hacking the only way the software on a car has been shown to be hacked was though direct connection , hard wire, to the car systems. So hacking right now is not a problem. Stephen Hawkins did not get one of these cars for two reasons, one they are not legal yet int he US for people to own and use, they are still in the testing phase. The other reason is he had people who did his personal care who also handled his transportation. The VW thing was they made a software that was allowing them to by pass emissions standards by handling the car one way during an emissions test, and then running a separate way doing much more polluting when running normally on the road. It was not a car safety issue as I understood it, it was a pollution issue. Well friend, I guess we wont agree, but for people who do not drive a self driving car would be grand. I know in your country and in cities here taxis and mass transit is available, but in most of my country taxis are far to expensive and they is no buses or subways. Hugs


          Comment by Scottie — January 1, 2019 @ 12:05

          • A popllution issue is a sfety issue, cause it kills unknowns by thousands in our towns. Please dear Scottie, dont try to dispute that away.
            And the direct-connection thing must not be the case forever.

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            Comment by miles — January 1, 2019 @ 13:21

            • Miles do you think a pollution issue is the same as a person being hit or run over? I do not. One is a harm in the long run, one is a immediate harm.

              The direct connection thing may not be forever but computer security systems will improve also. I do not see the hacking of the cars software to be a mass problem. Your car operating system will not be on the internet open to all. I am sure any updating will need to be done by an authorized deal with a direct connection and the proper security devices. If you computer never connect to an open information traffic source like the internet you wouldn’t have to worry about ti being hacked. Hugs


              Comment by Scottie — January 1, 2019 @ 13:35

              • dear Scottie,
                it is sure not. but a possible fraud i s a possible fraud – and the reason is greed. –
                and a people lying on his back, suffering from fine dust “pollution”, only askes one question: Do I have to die , or not:

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                Comment by miles — January 1, 2019 @ 14:51

  3. HaHa, this is the first time that I see you in person, so to speak.

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    Comment by SoundEagle 🦅ೋღஜஇ — December 31, 2018 @ 20:41

  4. I loved your rant, Scottie! Enjoyed seeing you “in person” and you gave me a new perspective. I have never been a fan of the concept of ‘driverless’ cars, and did several posts about them a couple of years ago when they were first being tested. That said … what in the SAM HELL is wrong with people that they are so stupid as to attack a car??? They pose a bigger danger than the car! Ay ay ay!!!

    But you have given me some food for thought about the concept of driverless cars and helped me see where they can be of great benefit, once they are proven safe. I had a period of several months, before my eye surgeries last winter, that I was unable to drive, and I felt that my autonomy had been taken away. I stubbornly drove as long as I possibly could, until one night I missed the road altogether and landed my daughter’s car in a ditch. It was then I knew that I was a disaster just looking for a place to happen, and I hung up my keys, but literally stopped going out, since I couldn’t drive myself. Fortunately, the surgery helped and I can now see well enough to drive, but what if it hadn’t? A self-driving car might have been the very thing to give me back my autonomy … my life, basically.

    So thank you for your rant … I agree that there are no lower limits to the stupidity of mankind … and … HUGS, my friend!

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    Comment by jilldennison — January 1, 2019 @ 03:11

  5. Scottie, would you Pleas look and read:

    in Empathy we trust. Hugs

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    Comment by m-iles — January 8, 2019 @ 16:24

    • Hello Miles. I did check it out. Did you notice this part?

      During the transport, one of the robots (a rogue, perhaps?) stepped out of line and into the road. It was then struck by a Tesla Model S operating in autonomous mode.

      I do not see this as a fault of the self driving car. If you step in front of a car with a human driver you will get hit also. The point is you shouldn’t step in front of a moving car. Hugs


      Comment by Scottie — January 8, 2019 @ 16:37

      • Children often do. And good drivers anticipate that. a not so good programmed computer program doesn’t. So the programmed driver was just too quick for any reaction under this circumstances.
        I do trust more into an anticipating drivedr to not kill children – as the robots behavior can be compaired with a child. In my career as a driver, I saved lots of childrens lives just by anticipating, that one might run onto the streets. I reduced speed in such cases 10 times in vain, but in the eleventh case I prob. saved a kids life. binar programming cannot solve such situation maybe in the far future chaotic logic will be able so anticipate unlogical behaviour. we have to wait for that.

        empathy seems to be on chaotic logic, doesn’t it, that is probably, why I like it soo much.
        I am sure you can grab the principles, I also do only grab the principles 🙂

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        Comment by m-iles — January 8, 2019 @ 17:48

        • Miles a computer program can react faster and more completely than any human driver. I know, we have the safety electronics programs on our new car. One day while driving about 60 MPH ( 96.5606 KPH ) the driver on my right suddenly cut across my lane into a left turn lane. The driver either did not look or did not see me. The car’s system took over. The car immediately braked hard, and warning lights and sounds went off. I didn’t even have time to react. The system saved me and the other driver, as at that speed the crash would have been bad. You might have been a good driver, but not all people are. In fact most people are horrible drivers. On the way to the hospital today to have our blood drawn Ron and I followed a car going all over the lane in front of us. Several times he nearly hit the curb and at one traffic light was over the line into the turning lane. I thought he might be intoxicated, but it turns out the driver was texting on his smartphone. I would sooner trust an electronic system that can not get distracted, hungry, ill, nor angry with road rage. The system in our car uses has sensors all over the outside of the car, cameras, and radars. The windshield has a large area built in that constantly scans the road ahead and to the sides of the car. It really is a huge safety improvement. The car can park itself. It tells you if you are getting too close to another object. Hugs


          Comment by Scottie — January 8, 2019 @ 18:00

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