6 thoughts on “No choice

  1. The Catholic church has this all sorted out Scottie. Sin is relative and totally forgivable and we have purgatory all ready and waiting before we enter the heavenly realm. The popular Catholic Church is very wide some famous Catholic voices have suggested that even good atheists may end up in heaven; what a relief eh ?
    While I’m on the topic the Buddhists believe we are all on the way to Nirvana by means of that marvellous invention Karma.
    Try not to worry all will turn out well in the end.

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    1. Good happy New Year Kersten. Not really sure I was at all worried. But I will tell you the Catholic church may have new ideas about the choice to love and worship Jesus god or go to hell, but the bible still says it. The deity of the bible is a simple warlord ruler from a time 2000 years ago when you must show loyalty and admiration for the ruler or suffer their wrath. Sounds like tRump to me. Yes, the god of the OT is dolt tRump. Hugs


      1. Happy New year Scottie . Times have moved on such a deity is worthless to many who wish to embrace religion today and numbers mean a lot to many churches. I’m surprised you are so dogmatic about the Bible it has many other themes. It is a curious fact that many tend to think it’s the others who are going to Hades , them and their direct families are all ok

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        1. Well Kersten, I find the bible to be very unjust, unyielding, and very discriminatory. Those are things I dislike greatly. I am not talking about the “new age” religions that have sprung up loosely based on the character of the Jesus being. But those religions do not really follow the bible nor the way the bible portrays both God and Jesus. In the bible Jesus had multi personality disorder, one side authoritarian and vengeance driven, the other side loving and merciful. A lot of current “Christians” see only the loving Jesus and assume a loving father god. I have had the bible used to bash me as a gay man, and I have seen it used to bash women constantly also. I can not tolerate these concepts and I abhor the teaching that support them. That means I hate the holy books of all the Abrahamic faiths. Hugs

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