History repeats


Holocaust survivor on Trump: ‘I’ve seen this before — in Nazi Germany’


Holocaust Survivor On Trump’s America: It’s ‘1929 Or 1930 Berlin’


A leading Holocaust historian just seriously compared the US to Nazi Germany


People who compare Trump to Hitler correctly see history repeating itself in the way Hitler rose to power and the tactics he used, and Trump’s despicable assault on all our own democratic institutions, his demonization of immigrants and the inhuman caging of thousands of kids and cruel separation from their parents.


5 thoughts on “History repeats

  • His announcements today that he is willing to keep the government shuttered for years, and also that he is contemplating declaring a state of national emergency tell us all we need to know. He has already decided that he is an autocrat, a dictator, and democracy as we once thought of it is now dead.


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    • Hello Jill. I agree. Yet not a peep from the republican leaders. What about congress? If he doesn’t need McConnell then McConnell’s cushy power job is at an end. I can not see him or his cabal allowing that. Hugs

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  • McConnell, despite knowing that the funding for the wall is doomed, despite knowing that Trump is a mf liar, is still licking the boots. Whereas he could rally his fellow republican senators to try to pass a veto-proof spending bill in conjunction with the House, instead he just says he won’t approve of anything that Trump won’t sign. He is not representing We The People … in the senate, it seems that nobody is. And some of the freshmen in the House need to cool their jets, for the comment, well reported, by newbie Rashida Tlaib was NOT helpful!!! I just put my head in my hands when I read about that. Sigh. Hugs!

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    • Yes, you are correct. However her comment did fired up the young democrat base which wants more spine and fight from democrats. They are tired of the old take the crap from republicans and smile. As for McConnell it looks like he might lose his seat. Seems that in 2020 he may be defeated, and if there is a chance of it he will just retire. But his approval rating in his state is lin the low 30’s. That is really low for a senate majority leader in their own state. Hugs


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