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January 5, 2019

Tired of the fascism yet ?

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  1. A new phenomenon of “unhcomprehandable crime” is starting with rising its stupid ancd cruel head in Germany:
    A woman was shot in the head by one of two man. When the Police questioned them for their reasons, they wouldn’t believe, what they were told: The 25-year old admitted, he just wanted to feel, how it is, to kill a woman. What are those kind of murderers: just scum? havin given up the very last portion of empathy for the live of others?
    It is really a tremendous shame, that the Grerman Chancellor Merkel doesn’t even osay one word of outrage against that partly – or completely loss of Empathy/Humanity, by lacking any comment , she looses even the last moral authority.
    She’s showing very clear, how bigot how full of blatant lies her protestant faith has become.
    I feel for her just a very cold scorn! And so are about all our politicians, as I can overlook that as a single thinking plerson

    Asking myself how could that have happened? What has changed with the beginning of this century?
    We mainly do have Facebook and – yah, we do have twilter, Trump himself presents even how dangerous Twitter is, when it comes to the reasons of slip-away of Humanity and empathy.
    Fathbook, Twitter- the new Social Media – including “WhatsApp” — and the affordable prices of smartphones — have brought Groups of the societies into mass-ommunications, they do not have the responsiblity nor the knowledge for, of what they are doing to society.

    And all the Governments and the elites in the western and eastern world have no scrupels to use it, not by far noticing that these new Media undermine the putty that has – until the area of new media started – kept the different groups of societies together.

    It is mainly the racist theories in the social media that makes them undermine their own societies.
    like trump and his followers show in the USA, like the AfD shows in Germany, like Polish…, the Hungarians, …the Italians,… the Brasilians …, the South Coreans,…the Russians,… the Chinese, … the Austrians, … the Australians, the Turkish …………………………………………………………….
    They all are under the destructive influence of the new Media .
    What can be done about that ?
    That is the biggest danger to mankind.

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    Comment by miles — January 6, 2019 @ 08:15

    • I understand Miles. The good thing is by these bigots putting their racism right out in the open on social media we can see them for what they are and we can fight back against them. The last thing we want is for a clamp down of free internet such as China has and that is spreading to other authoritarian governments. Hugs


      Comment by Scottie — January 6, 2019 @ 09:10

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