12 thoughts on “Fox News

    • 🤢😜😆🤣😂😁😉 I would rather have another oral surgery than even watch white supremacist apologiser Tucker. He tuckered out years ago. 😎😊 He is a rich boy who doesn’t understand how those POC can be so mean to white people. Afterall he recently said immigrants make the country “…poorer and dirtier and more divided”. I have no use for people like him. Hugs

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      • I watched him a couple years ago when staying with friends. In back to back nights he flat out lied and contradicted facts he absolutely knew to be true. He’s a news liar like no other I’ve seen before.

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    • No , why? When you changed your sign on name I had to reauthorize it, which I did as soon as I noticed it. I do not need to censor you as you do not attack people personally here, you debate and discuss the ideas. The only time I edit or moderate a person is when they get nasty making personal attacks to another person here. Hugs


  • I miss my comment here, I made about how Nazis are cooking coffee and about fox news owner Rupert Muroch is helping the Nazis ideas to be spread. I sent it , While you were tok your blood-Works.

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    • Let me look in the spam filter. It shouldn’t have gone there. Miles I went through the trash and spam filters. I can not find your comment there. There is nothing unapproved. Please send it again. Hugs


  • That seems to be the way Nazis are cooking their coffee.
    And the owner of Fox-news Rupert Murdoch is showing his empty brains.

    In Empathy we trust.

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    • There does seem to be a disconnect in their thinking. Murdoch is a wealthy man who is convincing dump poor white people to do things against their own interest. Just like tRump. Hugs


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