Again Christians think freedom of religion only applies if your religion is christian.

I share this to show how many Christians think freedom of religion applies only to their religion.  I just read of a political in Tennessee who claims only Christians should be allowed to hold office in this “Christian” nation.  Many churches and church schools teach that to students and they become adults thinking that is the truth.  We are becoming a Christian fascist nation soon to lose our civil rights and become a theocracy.   Even as religions lose members the evangelical christians are making a huge push to take over all aspects of government local, state, and federal.   Hugs  

7 thoughts on “Again Christians think freedom of religion only applies if your religion is christian.

  • All old religions are fakes, because – if there ever had been a god, he/they created menkind just at least 30000 years earlier in australia – the cavepainters.
    So evolution teached men almost 40000 years to late, how to write that bloody bullshit, which are called the 99 different bibles – full of fear and cowardness.

    “Kimberley rock art is arguably some of the world’s oldest, with evidence suggesting the earliest occupation in the region dates back 50,000 to 60,000 years ago.
    Rock paintings can provide information about how and when people arrived, about the environment at the time, how they lived and adjusted to changing climatic conditions, and something of their beliefs.”!

    In Empathy I trust

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    • Yes, I have read a bunch of articles in the last few days of everyone from teachers to lawmakers who think only Christianity is protected under the constitution. One town is out about $250,000 because the town council insisted the only prayer that could be given to open the meetings were Christian prayers. They took this thing as far as being rejected by the SCOTUS on appeal. They lost at every level put kept pushing it because they are convinced that the constitution only gives rights to the Christian religion. These same people think the US is a christian nation, founded by die hard Christians for Christians. That they are totally wrong doesn’t matter to them, they believe it. I remember when James was about 15 he was spending most days after school with us. He came home from school and told us all about how the nation was founded by Christians. It took me three hours of showing him stuff on the internet about the real facts before he even grudgingly accepted it. He couldn’t understand why his teachers at a church run school would lie to him, and why his abusive parents who were also die hard Catholics would lie to him. That they abused him so were not really great role models was something he had not figured out and we were not about to force on him. Hugs

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    • Thank you Miles. I admit I cried watching the video and I am so proud of the people on that bus. The driver was sharp eyed and willing to stop her bus and risk the anger of the passengers to rescue a child. She also could have been fired for leaving the bus with passengers on it. The passengers were not only willing to wait and give up their time but also as the video showed one lady gave up her coat to keep the child warm. Remember the story said it was “frigid temperatures”. You know this video shows there are some people who are still human. Hugs


    • I love it. I recommend everyone read this post you wrote. I did not know the history behind it. I did know it had been changed but not why. To think most religious people trying to force religion in to the government do not know why they are lead in that direction. The great influence religion has had the lower incomes have gotten. The poor have been totally turned in to pawns to slash their assistance even more. So much like their son of god did, right? Hugs


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