10 thoughts on “And again we screw a family who helped us

  • trumpfs immigration politics is soo stupid, that even a swine would refuse to bite him. – Sorry all you pigs: No pun intended.
    That is an immigration politics on christian religions backgrounds.

    only the “inspiteof god” Empathy should rule the wold instead of fake-gods – r u i n the world Dont be poplier than the pope, one very old german cardianal just said, when he talked to press about the kidfucking catholic priests in Germany since 1946- more than 3500 kids.

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    • Since tRump’s people took over a lot of people who are non-citizens and had put their lives in danger to help the US have had their resettlement of citizen agreements revoked. I posted about active duty service members who signed an agreement with the US to serve in the military for citizenship have been kicked out of the military and their agreement broken. We are becoming a 5th class nation who will not honor our promises. Hugs


  • Hi Scottie;
    A recent movement has been to “thank” someone for their “service”. I put these words in quotes not to be trite, but because they are very loaded words, and I haven’t felt very genuine in hearing or in using the phrase. Like most fads of saying, like “namaste”, “I’ll pray for you”, I think the words become dismissive and insincere used by people who really only pretend to care. But, more – I’ve never been in service. I’m not sure how to wrap my mind around the idea that the guy I like to play cards with could very likely be shot tomorrow, or this guy giving me shit about something goofy could be blown up by a mine. I don’t know the pain of having a child born to my girlfriend or wife on the other side of the world and I can’t be there for it. So, I have absolutely no idea how to say thank you to these men and women who went over and fought in a war, or “police action”(?!), especially when I think most of it is political bs and rich people finding ways to get even richer and these poor young folks are just pawns.
    But, what I can say quite easily is that the way a country shows appreciation for those it sends to fight and possibly die, and the way a country treats its’ weakest members, says a great deal about the leadership and morals of the country. And, in that, I am very often disappointed and ashamed. Here we have someone who has not only risked his own life, as evidenced by the need to wear armor, but has risked his family’s lives in the pursuit to do what he/she thinks is morally right, and the response of our government is this? Let me quote Captain Bone Spur here and say “sad”.

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    • I understand. BTW sorry for texting you accidently while you were sleeping. I was responding to Ron, my blood sugar was all messed up and I forgot to check who it was going out to. Have a great day off, you deserve one. Hugs


      • No Problem. I am in the midst of making chicken vegetable soup. i’m adding butternut squash to my normal recipe…. not sure how this is going to go. No matter, I’ll eat it, but I’ve had some odd meals out of such experiments.

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        • Ron got a squash the other day at the grocery store. I said at the time he wouldn’t use it. He said he would. It is still untouched in the fridge. Good thing that fridge is huge. I made a goulash the other day with a couple large bottles of tomato juice, organic meat balls, mild italian sausage ( yes we are trying to avoid meat but Ron wanted it, and we have cut a lot of other meat like hamburger out of our diet ), a container of chopped celery, a container of mixed chopped peppers, a third container of chopped yellow onion, minced garlic, oregano, basil, sage, paprika, fajita , salt, and a few other thing I found and added. It came out rather good. I love different tomato sauces. Of course I love gravies also. Hugs

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  • Government — and most of all right now, the LEADER of our government — rarely considers individual cases when they make laws and regulations. I suppose it’s technically impossible to consider every situation, but it does seem there should be some type of inclusion in the wording that would allow for special circumstances.

    The number of individuals who have been affected by some of tRumpsky’s decision/actions is mind-boggling. But does he care? Not one iota!

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    • I agree. I do not know if you followed the case of the Muslim woman who was fighting to return to the US while her very young son was dying in a hospital. It took many congress people getting involved to get her permission to return to the states to be with her son as he died. She just made it. How fucking cruel are these people to deny a mother the right to come to her dying child of 3 or 4 years old because of her religion. I am getting angry just thinking of it. I don’t think they feel “those” people are fully human. They have made them subhumans not worthy of normal human rights and feelings. This is not what I thought our country was. Hugs

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      • Unfortunately, Scottie, there will always be non-caring people in power. And lucky us, we have one that rates at the very top of the list sitting in the Oval Office.

        I really don’t like wishing ill on people … it’s just not a good thing to do … but I sure have to swallow down some of the less-than-nice thoughts and desires that frequently cross my mind about a certain person …

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