6 thoughts on “Ars Technica: New ransomware rakes in $4 million by adopting a “big game hunting” strategy

    • These groups make me so angry. I am not worried about big companies, they should have the ability to have a top notch IT department. But these groups hit the hospital system in the UK and held the charts of all the PT’s hostage. The hospital system had no offline backup so they had to pay. They needed the medical charts to treat the people. I bet they have a secure backup system now. Heck even I keep an offline backup system here. But I have had four elderly people in the park who got hit. I was able to save their computers but they lost all their photos and documents as they did not understand back ups. I have had panicked calls for others about a phone call they got saying Microsoft was telling them there was an error on their computer that could be fixed for a fee, or that they had committed some crime that they need to pay a fee or their computer would be locked. Ron came into my office a few days ago laughing his butt off. He wanted me to hear a message he had on his phone. The message claimed it was from microsoft and the windows product key for his computer had expired. The message gave a number to call to prevent any interruption in his computer being able to work. If he didn’t call them and buy a new licence his computer would stop working. I thought it was funny until about 15 minutes later I got a panicked call from an 80 year old woman whose computer I keep running for her, who was afraid because she also got the message and didn’t have the money for a new computer. These bastards are preying on the most vulnerable and it really makes me angry. Sorry. Hugs

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      • Wow. You stay busy 🙂

        I have had those idiotic phone calls myself, I promptly tell them they are full of shit and hang up. There have been a couple of times in days past where I got the fake virus thing, they want you to immediately contact them, and I’ll tell you once or twice they almost got me. When it happens to you before your first of coffee you are a little susceptible to stupid crap. I realized what was going on before I got very far with it though…

        You are right, the scams, the cons, and the outright ransoms, have become routine these days. The scam/cons I can usually catch before I do something stupid. But ransomware is another sort of evil altogether.

        And you are just in your anger at the scammers and con men, for the elderly, the simple minded, and the not quite woke up people yet, all can and do become victims. It is a price we pay I guess for enjoying our internet. I imagine most of the scams originate from outside our country, thereby defeating any laws we may have in place… little consolation for the victims.

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    • I hate to report while governments do take it seriously they do little to stop it. The reason is it falls under the intelligence community and to step in would reveal some of there methods and abilities. Now that it has become a national security issue yes most governments are taking it seriously. Most of our own government departments and even the pentagon has been successfully hacked into. The corporate world has had to increase their own security as their valuable patented items are being stolen right from their own computers. Remember a few years ago when Sony had one of their movies ransomed before it was released? It was an expose on the North Korean leader and they hacked into Sony’s computers and held up the release. If I remember correctly sony ended up canceling the release and paying money. As for how our government views this , it is up to the people to protect themselves. Some of the very programs being used for these attacks were stolen from the NSA themselves. Yes the USA, former leader of technology, has fallen so far behind that even our most secure secret spy network got hacked. So what is up for the rest of us? Well the Saudi embassy in Egypt was totally bugged and hacked. Our phones constantly tell our locations, and hackers can turn on your phone camera or microphone without you knowing. If you do not know to disable them on start up all the system on your computer are designed to report everything you do to Microsoft. The trial of El Chapo showed he had his IT people secretly instal software on everyone’s phone that allowed him to turn on the microphones and listen to everything in the area of the phone. I keep my computer microphone system off and the cameras attached to my computers covered. I am worried about a network hack on my system due to the whole powershell thing. But I really doubt I have anything worth hacking and even my connection to the internet is patrolled so I don’t think I have much to worry about. But the point I am making is no one really knows. Unless you are a computer programer and a network manager you wouldn’t really know. We depend on our antivirus security programs but one of the first things really good hackers or viruses do is adjust your security programs to allow them free reign. So to answer your question Randy, my grand brother, it is the wild west right now online and everyone basically is on their own to protect themselves. Remember a bunch of years ago internet providers started giving free antivirus software to subscribers. Everyone thought that was such a great thing for them to do. Fact is it saved the providers a shit ton of money. If they could cut down on infected computers connecting to their networks they could save money. Anyway, hope this helped. I am off to go move the cars. Ron took to bed sick, and yes I am worried. But we are also older and shit happens. Hugs

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