Boy who cried wall


2 thoughts on “Boy who cried wall

  • Scottie – any idea why they show up truncated when I share them on my wall? Even when I share directly from the GoComics site, they’re clipped, until you click on them.


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    • Yes, sorry I wish I could do it differently. If I grab the cartoon directly I can be sued for copyright infringement. Not all cartoonist are that legalistic but I have in the past had a couple email me threats. The Hallmark company sent me a cease and desist and removal request from a law firm about my posting Maxine cartoons. Yet everyone does it. That is why I put a disclaimer on my blog about removing copyright material. I had some guy try to sue me in a NJ court. Long story short what he really wanted was money, and I refused. His case went nowhere. He claimed I used too much of something he wrote so it was not covered under fair use, but it was. So to answer your question for some reason Twitter or WordPress won’t let the whole thing display until you click on it. Now I have seen tweets on other peoples blogs that are the full size. I don’t know how they are doing it. If anyone knows please tell me. Hugs


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