Russia first. We were warned but “her emails”.

10 thoughts on “Russia first. We were warned but “her emails”.

  • It’s amazing how so many can accurately pinpoint his connections … and yet so many refuse to see and/or acknowledge what is, essentially, in the history books.

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    • Yes, it was all there for all of us to see. Yet he spoke what a segment of the population wanted to hear. They wanted to hear an important person say the horrible things they thought and felt they couldn’t say. Remember tRump lost the popular vote by about 3 million people. So a minority of hateful people got a president who thought and felt as they do, and the rest of us, the majority, have to deal with the fall out from it. I would like to think 2018 was just the beginning. Hugs

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    • I agree. sad to think that I served two tours in the military and was proud to do so, and this is what we have become. We fought this crap in the past, yet for 40 years this is what the republican leaders have pushed for. Hugs

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      • It’s rather like anything … it takes years to build something, and a very short time to destroy it. Rather like spending all day cleaning the house, then turning a 2-year-old loose in it for 15 minutes. Sigh. Hugs.

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  • Those of us who live in NY & know about the mob knew about this EONS ago. But try telling that to the idiots who live in the rest of the country. They. Would. Not. Listen. They believed that trump was really the boss dude on “the apprentice”. A persona, not a real person. So here we are.

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    • I agree. We found the same thing out when we tried to tell them. Ron worked as tRumps night time butler at Mar-a-largo. We knew, but people simply shrugged off what we said. Hugs


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