tRumps separation policies.


2 thoughts on “tRumps separation policies.

  • It’s all about earning more money , MAGA , maga, GAGA:
    Germany is building a pipeline through the Baltic Sea to get Russian Gas to Germany.
    As the USA wants to sell their own gas to Germany. But for the Germans diversity of different suppliers of gas is important.
    Not so for the USA:
    Ambassasdor Grenell has witten letters to the companies that work on that pipeline, blackmailing them, that they would be subjects to sanctions if they didn’t stop their cooperation with Russia.
    This again is an striking intervention in german politics.
    Grenell simply intends, that Germany – concerning gas – becomes dependent only from the USA.
    Thats the trumpel treats his allies. Germany will sure remember.

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    • Yes it is horrible. Remember when Grenell fist got there and claimed Muslims were rioting burning cars and taking over whole town’s? Also I am reading how Secretary of State Pompeo gave a speech in Cairo promoting his brand of Christianity. Yes the US is pushing christianity in the middle east. Hugs


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