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January 14, 2019

Forcing their religion on everyone, this is why I fight back against religion pushers

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Indiana State Sen. Dennis Kruse is one of the most anti-science, pro-forced Christianity legislators in the country. This is a guy who co-authored a bill to require recitation of the Lord’s Prayer in public schools, wanted Creationism taught in science classrooms, and tried making it illegal for kids to learn sex ed in school without their parents’ permission.

He’s just full of horrible ideas… yet he’s been an elected state official since 1989. Which is to say people keep re-electing him because he’s bad at what he does.


  1. Similar arguments by the Dover school board made and failed spectacularly in court.

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    Comment by nationofnope — January 14, 2019 @ 11:05

    • Yes, and yet they keep trying. From Kentucky , Tennessee, Alabama, Texas and also the midwest northern states. They keep pushing, and new generations of them try to see if they can get what the older ones did not manage to get. They fill local and state offices and then demand prayers at everything, but only their religions prayers. They demand special privileges and think inclusion of any religion but theirs is a huge sin. Their god will strike their towns off the map or something. They wonder why they get such push back. They can not simply live and let live. Hugs

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      Comment by Scottie — January 14, 2019 @ 11:29

  2. They are just Super-Stupids, keeping themselves stupid, by not even the slightes try to learn: Someone has to tell them: No, they are not the first ones to be created by god and there – what they call religion – is the most stupid nonsense ever, invented by some people with just and only the ability to write and — Nothing more — any so called eye-witness just a blind fraudist, cause they just didnt live at the same time as those, they should give testimony for.
    Their picture of our spheric earth is as flat as their brain in their head is.

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    Comment by m-iles — January 14, 2019 @ 16:21

    • I understand and agree Miles. However what scares me is they are embolden, they are supported by our current government, and they want to take over and force all of us to live their religious doctrines. These same people scream about Islamic Sharia laws, yet they want to install a Christian version here in the US. What scares me even more Miles is the US has the world’s biggest military. tRump & republicans just boosted the military by hundreds of billions over two years. If these assholes do something to usher in their god, or the rapture ( Secretary of state Pompeo has given speeches where he states he believes in this ) how will the world defend it self? My country would need to be destroyed. You know what that means. National Security Adviser John Bolton actually demanded the military make plans and give him the plan of how it could be done to attack Iran! Yes the security advisor to the president is trying to force the pentagon to make a plan of invasion and military strike against a nation that has not harmed the US in any way. Turns out Bolton is on a bunch of Jewish lobbying boards. This mixing of religion and government is going to cause problems for more than the US. Pompeo just went to Cairo and delivered a speech on promoting Christianity. The theist have taken over my countries government and they are the most radical kind. No longer does the US stand for human rights, but now we stand for enforcing christianity world wide. I am very worried Miles. The smart people say it is a last gasp for religion, yet they have gained a lot of power the last decade, even more the last two years. Just like the fascist have gained power in our government. These are scary times. Hugs

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      Comment by Scottie — January 14, 2019 @ 17:27

      • If the Republicans were not so greedy, there probably had been war already. But with a destroyed IRAN nobody would be able to make money of. And no more oil would come from Iran. So let Israel have their little row with Iran. All are happy, except lil warlord trumpel.
        It is a good luck that even racists and facists can be greedy – and are. We dont have hope, that Republicans ever get rational — just because of their greediness.
        Our best hope is their immense and unsatiable greedyness.
        And to keep trumpel in good mood, there is just the necessity, to make him believe, that he is kind of king of the USA.

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        Comment by m-iles — January 15, 2019 @ 12:26

  3. If people have faith, to one who doesn’t believe in a higher power, what does it matter?

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    Comment by dolphinwrite — February 8, 2019 @ 19:12

    • Hello dolphinwrite. I am not sure I understand your comment. I don’t want to comment on it as I may be misunderstanding what you are saying. Please comment again and let us know what you are really saying. Thanks. Hugs


      Comment by Scottie — February 8, 2019 @ 20:33

  4. In schools, children often have hope and are happier if they understand they were created, and that God loves them. Hope is very important for young people to endure the rigors and confusion in this world.

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    Comment by dolphinwrite — February 11, 2019 @ 21:43

    • Hello Dolpinwirte. We know where children are created and how. Science has proven it is a biological happening where the male sperm and the female egg come together and fuse into one unit, and begin cell division. Eventually with time, luck, and proper medical / nutritional assistance those cells form into different forms that eventually form into a form that can start to have consciousness / mental nerve actions. Then with a little more time, luck, and all the rest it maybe is born and takes its place among us as a living human being. That is how children are created, no supernatural deity or other force needed.

      Yes children maybe happier when they know their family and are loved. To know where they fit in and where they are loved and protected. These are normally a child’s home and parents / care givers. I have no idea of the data or study that would back up your claim of children being happier knowing a mythical entity that has no supporting evidence and that the holy books that tell the story are shown to be full of falsehoods, contradictions, and in which many of the leading characters are now known to have not existed who is watching everything they do like a psychopathic stalker peeping tom. Little children do not need to be told that some invisible being is watching them poop and pee and at the same time being told to cover up as people seeing them nude is bad. Sends a conflicting message don’t you think? Don’t get me started about teens and the whole masturbation is bad for you and god is watching you do it like a pedophile on the internet thing. Yes hope is very important to all people, but not fake hope designed to lead them into servitude to ideas long found to be wrong and unhealthy. Hugs


      Comment by Scottie — February 12, 2019 @ 05:54

    • Also Dolphinewrite, did you miss the point of the post in your rush to defend telling everyone’s kids about your god? This is about forcing a myth / fable shown to be wrong into a public school science class where things are taught that have been and can be shown with evidence. This is about forcing one religion’s creation myth on every child of all different faiths who have different creations myths. Do you think that is a proper right thing to do? Would you want the creation story of the Hindu’s taught in public school? Please open your mind to the idea that there are more faiths /religions than just Christianity and if you force a spot for one in the public schools you must make that space for all of them. Then we have kids learning about myths and gods and not about all the many subjects that are far more important for kids to learn. Hugs


      Comment by Scottie — February 12, 2019 @ 06:01

  5. I understand to many who did not grow up in churches or families that believed in God. I get it. Although, my parents had us go to church for a year, I did not understand what we were doing there. I was still relatively young. I never arrived at Christianity through the medium of other people. And I never attempt to prove to others unless a common interest in discussion opens the door. Certainly, I am not perfect and would never impress that I know everything. If you are truly searching for understanding, and I write this also for readers, then I’ll take a little time. But under no conditions am I attempting anything other than sharing. Let each person decide for themselves. But I have seen the hope in children who do understand they were created and by a Father Who loves them.
    **I know life on this Earth never could have formed by chance. Not possible. Scientists have been trying to solve that riddle for a looong time. Cells simply will not form on their own. I did the research. There a much larger probability, on a distant planet, for 25 folding chairs, with little rubber stoppers and rivets, in rows of 5, to spontaneously form. I also know the person that I am, the soul, the one that knows I exist when I close my eyes, is not a material thing. Humans are the only creatures capable of wondering why they exist and what is in the hereafter. There’s a reason for that and it’s also evidence, supporting the bible. I also have come to realize there’s something special about the father/son, father/daughter relationship. I don’t discount the mother. All are important. You see, as I see it, Jesus is/was the perfect Son. He loves His Father, and by His example, we came to better understand what is replicated every day. No. Fathers aren’t perfect. But inately, we know what perfection is. In other words, to know someone is not perfect is to have inwardly a deep understanding of what perfection is. I understand many, when I write this, don’t really hear what I am saying. It’s clear by responses. I’ve never attempted to convert any child to any religion. If the child is Christian, Catholic (Same bible), Bhudist, Muslim, and so on, as far as I am concerned, that’s between them and their parents. However, I certainly would do nothing to discourage their beliefs. I can share mine when asked, but I know families is where faith is shared, unless I happen to be working in a Christian School. God created me. I didn’t create myself. And He created the entire world with all the people in it. He’s the God of everyone, whether they accept this or are still searching. ***** I understand why some people are turned away from religion. Perhaps the church they went to wasn’t led by truly inspired pastors and teachers. Perhaps they had bad experiences regarding. Perhaps they have done so much wrong in their lives they can’t believe a perfect Father would forgive them. Perhaps they don’t want to live by rules and beliefs that they are not in agreement, for whatever reason. I certainly am not perfect. Why do I believe in God? Creation is amazing, and the Big Bang makes absolutely no sense. And then, there’s the rest. *****This is not an argument. I make no efforts to prove, just share my own understanding. With children, if they ask and the parents are okay with it, I can share why I believe what I believe. But just as no one can convince you, no one could convince me. But thanks for the discussion. Have a great life.

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    Comment by dolphinwrite — February 13, 2019 @ 17:22

    • Hello Dolphinwrite. We disagree. What you have seen on children’s faces can be replicated through any manner of means. Certain stimuli produces brain chemicals that produce euphoria and happiness.

      As for your research into the origin into the the start of life it is flawed. No we do not know for 100% certainty, however abiogenesis is a really good bet. Scientists have proven that the chemicals needed were present and can produce the needed enzymes. The Miller–Urey experiment back in 1952 was a good start that has been refined and repeated often. The fact is we have seen RNA created naturally, and from there DNA can be created naturally. So we again do not need to add a creator to something we have a good understanding of how it can happen.

      About your long screed, you can not prove Jesus even existed nor anything about the truth of a deity because there is nothing outside the bible to prove it. It is all guess work from fables and myths human writers borrowed from other religions around them. The bible ( OT ) is a geopolitical work to keep a certain tribal people in line and the New Testament was cobbled together from myths / writings written down from oral stories told over centuries, added too and subtracted in content. The bibles most people use are full of translation errors and mistakes, and the books making up the different bibles were decided by committee. So if you want to believe in a myth go ahead, but do not ask others to do so, and please do not push it on to children. The hope and future of mankind is the children and they need to learn the truth of our reality from the proven science that shows how it really works.

      You have an over inflated view of humans. Sorry we are simply animals with a more highly developed brain, but again you’re wrong about the data. Science is showing other animals have much more depth of introspection and society than we ever imagined. This is true of elephants and primates, many animals can recognize themselves in a mirror and that is a huge leap forward.

      Prove a soul please! There is simply no evidence for such a thing and trust me many have tried to prove it.

      You want to know why people leave their religions. Because they study, really read their bibles , they learn the history of the bible and their religion and find it is all fake and lies. Religion is a behavioral control device to control the masses and move the wealth from the population base to the upper echelon and elite. That is how religions started out, and it is all they are today. You were very correct, you make no effort to prove any of it. You should try to learn more. Also just because you can not understand how something happened doesn’t mean you get to put god there. Others who study these things do understand it. And it doesn’t take a god, it can and has happened naturally.

      Your last is where you really are wrong. I go by the evidence. There is no evidence for your god and the knowledge we have of the bible shows it is not the work of an all knowing all powerful deity. We can explain and understand the things you attribute to your god, but that real scientific well documented and understood evidence wont convince you because you run on feelings and faith. If you could show evidence of your god, the truth of your beliefs, how reality needs a supernatural being, I would very much be interested. If you could prove your god, heck any god, I would be forced to change my mind and I would believe that god exists. I wouldn’t worship it, but I would acknowledge it is real. But you can not do the reverse, can you? Can you? That is why it has got to be kept out of public schools and no indoctrinating children with it. It would be the same as teaching kids Dumbledore is real and Harry Potter is saving the world from evil because it is written in a book. Hugs


      Comment by Scottie — February 13, 2019 @ 18:26

      • Thanks for your time. As I said, never have I intended to persuade another, especially if they’re determined. No one could persuade me. I had to seek. Take care.

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        Comment by dolphinwrite — February 14, 2019 @ 15:39

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