Daily Mail: Kentucky Catholic school from Lincoln Memorial clash allowed blackface

Kentucky Catholic school from Lincoln Memorial clash allowed blackface
Daily Mail

Covington Catholic High School has shuttered its website, Facebook page and disconnected its phone since a video of its students at the memorial went viral over the weekend. Read the full story

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12 thoughts on “Daily Mail: Kentucky Catholic school from Lincoln Memorial clash allowed blackface

  • Yes because the social mob wishes justice. Or at least justice as they see fit. There are calls to never allow these boys to work. Calls for expulsion, calls for jailing these boys, and calls for even death. The school is being bombarded by people bound and determined that these boys are racist thugs! So be damned the truth, let’s just let mob rule!

    The school said enough is enough and shut the world out.

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    • Hello Michelle. I agree and disagree with you. Let’s take the school first. I followed this when it first came out. The first act of the school was to take their social media accounts private and lock them down. It was their first response and was only a short time after it first came out. So the idea the school got bombarded and said enough is enough is wrong. It was their first response to the news getting out.

      Second you know I don’t believe in mob rule nor do I believe in no second chances. Especially with young people. Heck the brain is not fully developed even at 25, and most of us take a decade or more after that to really mature. But it is not as cut and dried as you wanted to make it. I originally did not post the racist pictures and actions of the school as I couldn’t verify them. However I did after serval news organizations including CNN did say they were correct. It seems there is a systemic problem of discrimination at that school. This affects all of us, not just the kids and those they run into.
      Now for the idiots who want them punished for life, they are nuts. What more can I say. I already told you how I wanted it handled. I want school assignments on native history and deliberate destruction that happened to them. I want a personal meeting between the parties to discuss what happened and what went wrong. I want education not segregation. Also I think the school needs to be carefully scrutinized. I think there is a long time problem there with the school itself. Have to run, I will reply to everyone later. Hugs


  • I went to Catholic school. We would not have been allowed to wear MAGA hats, or Clinton Lives hats, or Bush Was Great hats, or My Momma’s Better’n Yer Momma hats, or any kind of hats with messaging on them other than perhaps the school’s logo, at least not while we were in any way representing or associated with the school. I hated that rule at the time because, as a smart-ass 16 year old, I had a really funny, at least at 16 I thought it was funny, hat that said, “I Like Pussies” on it that I wanted to wear at school events. It was a hat with a pic of a kitties on it and the stated logo was underneath the pic. I would have LOVED to have worn that hat back then. Now, as an adult, I think, perhaps, it was a good idea my school had the rules it did. Perhaps, just perhaps, if THIS Catholic school had similar rules, this situation would not have become what it did. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to have a swastika tattooed on my forehead so I can more clearly make my political views public. I hope it doesn’t bring me any grief, but, this being America, it’s my right to do it, so I am. $Amen$

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    • Thanks Inspired for the info. I have to think the school is teaching some bigotry because it is a catholic school and seem to be fully supportive of the tRump administration. You are correct the hat does seem to say a lot about them. Hugs


      • I agree. It’s just back in my time, my Catholic high school would NOT tolerate such crap. The priests and brothers at my school would have pounded lumps on any of us acting that way and getting caught on tape doing it. And I mean this: they’d have beat us silly. Not that that’s good, it ain’t, but they would not have tolerated this. Different times, and bigotry is alive and well at this school to have handled this this way. Hiring a PR firm! Really?! Fuck them.

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      • As Inspiringofthedevine is hinting, that the catholic church has changed into a religion that is un–christly and heavyhanded in its racism and and in its support of a bigot potus, that makes himself and his government the greatest splitter of American society ever – by means of lying and cheating with all propaganda tricks, that McMurdochs lying-tv can muster. M.M. is an immigrant too with political tendencies to the undemocratic “1933-Nazis in Germany”.
        And the catholic church is used as one of trumpels and his republican governments first and most important drawing cards.
        America is loosing the fight against those Undemocratics and Facists not in parliaments, but in the streets, as I think.

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          • No, you are right, there is noit a majority of facists right now, But there is the white racists and the unchristly soul-sellers of the catholic church, There is the undemocratic fox-news. Isn’t that just enough?

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            • Hello Miles. Yes it is more than enough and I want to reduce them and their influence. I think I am missing your point my good friend. It could be I am tired, but run it by me again please. Hugs


            • Oh Miles, I know you are careful with your blood sugar and you have talked with me on mine. I forgot to tell you my A1C is down to 6.6 and the doctor is thrilled. I hope your blood sugar is OK also. Hugs


              • Hh, dear Scottie, that is soo nice to have your Hba1c at 6.6. Congrats, you do very well. My last Hba1c from the 15.of Jan. 2019 was just 6.9 with only injecting insuline and having difficulties with low Ferrit-level since about 3 years. But I feel the best since 5 years alsthough my walking radius is still limited to 300m with my walker. Greater distancences I do by taxi.
                And B.t.w. : to live in Germy is no longer big fun.: Fraud all around. Starting with VW. 😦 Up to the level of Justice and Politics .In Germany one has to pay for TY although not having any television-Set. It is the big time with fraud all around. So your trumpel is influencing our mood here.
                kind hugs.my friend.

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                • Hello Miles. I am glad to hear your sugar is stable. I remember a few years ago you were on so strict a diet and had to inject yourself every four hour or so. I worried about you. I have been working on my blood sugar. I still am on pills for medication. A PA-c in my former doctor’s office put me on insulin two years ago and when the doctor found out he canceled it saying it was not the proper thing for me. So yes I am doing well. If I can get my muscle contractions in my back stable so I am not in such pain I plan to start walking. I can not use my bike, two of my doctors and Ron say no. I was on my bike this summer, took a hard hit in the road and fell off. It hurt my spine and I was unable to walk for three weeks. They say the hit damaged my spine further and so the exercise they want me to do is walking. Ron put my bike in the shed on me. Mean guy! To get me walking they had to inject my spine, in several spots and now I get back muscle trigger point injections every 2 to 3 months.

                  Miles my good friend I am so sorry to hear that about Germany . I loved my time in your country. I was treated with far more respect than I deserved. I never met anyone who hated me for being a US soldier. Everyone was helpful and nice. Really that’s the truth. When I told a lady in the cafeteria I was struggling with German she would give me one word a day to learn and the next day I would come back and pronounce it correctly and tell her what it meant.

                  However there was a difference between me and some of the people in my unit and it maybe why I was treated differently when in your country. I remember one day I was out with a few guys, and stopped at a small cafe. There were five of us. Two of us stayed at the table while three whent to order. This was a sort of outside table cafe inside thing. Anyway the three came back all upset and grumpy. Then I went to the counter and in my broken very bad German tried to order. I am not good at languages Miles, I really have trouble with American English. The person behind the counter smiled and asked me in English if I had meant to order this or that, and I got what I had intended. I couldn’t understand why my friends were so upset and unhappy with their meal. After we left they told me that the people did not know English in the cafe and they had to order through pointing and gestures. I knew that was wrong as they talked to me in English. I asked a German friend of mine what I was missing. He told me the other guys started talking in English and wanted the Germans to talk to them in English. That is an insult to the German person. I had tried , very badly, to speak German and that was a complement to them. So they would speak English to me where they wouldn’t to the others. It really is all about respect. I respected your country and its people, and they treated me grand.

                  As a person about 20 years old with no real education I loved the museums. I had never seen such things. I went to everyone I could go to. I would spend a whole weekend in a museum. We don’t have them like that here where I live or grew up. In Washington DC they have the Smithsonian museums which are good but I never had the chance to go to them. In Germany they were in a lot of places and I could go to them. So I am sorry to hear Germany has changed. I wished I could have learned German because I had the chance to stay in your country. So to you Miles and your fellow country people who helped me become an adult, thank you and warm hugs.


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