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  • …, Andkeep in mind, that there is no proof, whatsoever, for any religion: And keep In mind: Men lived on earth since very long befor the bible supposed that god made them:

    Just another timetable – Non Aboriginal – But all of that was befor the Babbles started.
    3,000,000 BC Severe cold period
    2,000,000 BC Fourth major ice age, humans found in east Africa, mammoths die off
    The Paleolithic (Old Stone Age) era began
    1,900,000 BC First homo habilis found in Kenya
    1,600,000 BC First homo erectus found in Africa, the first to control fire
    1,500,000 BC First fire and killing for food (?)
    1,360,000 BC Human artifacts in China near Beijing
    1,200,000 BC First glacier started. Glaciers lasted 40,000 to 60,000 years.
    1,000,000 BC First settlements in Africa
    840,000 BC The start of a large migration of people from Africa to Aisa and Europe (to 420,000)
    800,000 BC Oldest Hominid occupation in Soleilhac in the Massif Central of France and at the Gran Dolino site in the Atapuerca Mountains in northern Spain
    750,000 BC Mono Lake and Sierra Nevadas formed
    600,000 BC Oldest human skull found
    500,000 BC Hominids migrated on to England from central Europe
    450,000 BC First homo sapiens in Europe and Africa, homo erectus in China
    400,000 BC Heidelberg man (erectus) found in West Germany
    Humans use articulate speech
    375,000 BC Oldest homo sapiens found in Steinheim, Germany
    300,000 BC Swanscombe skull (homo sapiens) found in Kent
    200,000 BC Tools were used
    Theory based on DNA that we all evolved from an African “Eve” lived at this time
    150,000 BC Another large migration of people from Africa to Asia and Europe (to 80,000)
    135,000 BC Modern dog exists
    130,000 BC Rhodesian man found in Zamba
    100,000 BC People spread across Europe, East Asia

    Neither of the gods has come across the human race.

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    • Hello Miles. That is another good time table. I wonder how our ancestors communicated before 375,000 when they began using articulate speech? Must have been like Charades? Hugs


      • Nobody has any idea how old spoken language is. We’re not even sure whether Neanderthals had it, and they were thriving as recently as forty thousand years ago.

        There was a sudden dramatic increase in the sophistication of stone-age artifacts about twenty thousand years ago, as if culture had suddenly become more complex. Some think that that marked the development of language. But it’s just a guess.

        Wild chimpanzees communicate by gestures and various kinds of sounds. Vervet monkeys even have a few sounds that qualify as “words” in the sense that they have arbitrary but fixed meanings which can be understood (this doesn’t count as language because the “words” are only ever used in isolation, never combined with any kind of grammatical structure). Before the development of language, whenever that was, our ancestors probably communicated in similar ways.

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        • Thanks Infidel. I wish I could go back to school and study history. It was always my favorite subject. I just want to know what led to what and how it happened that way. Hugs


          • AAAAARRRRGH! I loathe the von Däniken bullcrap more than almost anything else besides religion itself. I loved it when people in Peru a few years ago denounced the ancient astronauts stuff as racist because it implied that their Inca ancestors weren’t smart enough to build sophisticated structures without alien help. If only stone-age humans still had a voice to do the same. The Lascaux cave paintings we were talking about a few days ago were part of that sudden increase in cultural sophistication. Their artistic quality is actually impressive, even though they were painted in torchlight more than ten thousand years before the invention of writing. Even back then there were humans with real artistic talent. No aliens required.

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  • Related to the post, it goes without saying that religionists don’t really accept this. Back when they had the power, they imposed their taboo system on everyone by force of law (as late as 2003 there were still laws against homosexuality in 13 states, for example). And they like to say “If you don’t want the law to ‘impose morality’, then we can’t have laws against murder.” That’s why I always insist on making a distinction between real morality and arbitrary religious taboos. A society in which murder was considered acceptable and normal behavior couldn’t survive. Lots of societies have easily survived without laws against homosexuality, beard-trimming, pork-eating, picking up sticks on certain days of the week, etc.

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    • Yes I agree. I wonder why the very same people who are the harshest critics of Sharia laws and Islamic run countries, want to do the same thing here only with their religion in charge. Do they not understand hypocrisy? Hugs


      • Well, the world’s “harshest critic of sharī’ah law and Islamist-run countries” would be me, and I don’t want to do that — but the fundies are certainly hypocrites for claiming that their preferred system of religious-taboo law would be substantially different. Christian fundamentalist bigots and Islamic fundamentalist bigots are basically the same. Their taboos are even similar since they derive from the same Abrahamic source.

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        • For me what is happening is the beginnings of a long nightmare. I grew up thinking the world could become a utopia with equality for all. It is not going to happen before I pass away. Hugs


  • Scottie, my friend, you dont understand the fiunction of the babbles: All what can be found, is – in the eyes of those hippocrites – sacrosanct. It is just some self-brainwash, they hate homosexuals, but there kidfucking priests, Bishopos and cardinals can of course be no homosexuals, (ALTHOUGH THEY ARE!!!) they are, in the worst case, sinners, that are tempted by the devil.
    Religion IS brainwash,
    From outside by lying clergyman and from the inside by having all that stupid stuff internalized with every drop of moms milk. …, and that is why one cannot discuss the truth of religion with them, see the “discussuions,on Ark’s— or your discussions with Fatema.
    Only free Education can help.

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    • Hello Miles. Yes religion is a form of brainwashing. Yes the people in it tend to rationalize the reality when it disagrees with their vague beliefs. But many religious people are on the fence also. They really don’t know what is in their holy books or they are starting to disbelieve. Those are the ones I want to reach. Those reading along without commenting see things that open their minds. It is worth the effort for me. Hugs


  • That meme isn’t entirely true. If it were then a baker refusing to bake a cake would be covered. 🙂 It means in the privacy of your own life where it doesn’t impact anothers rights you may practice your faith anyway you see fit. But the moment it crosses the line of affecting the rights of another your religious freedoms end.

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    • Hello Michelle. I thought that is what it said? But yes a addition to it could say you can not use your religion to discriminate against anyone. But what drives me nuts is the desire to discriminate or to deny others rights / services based on religion or skin color. It is nuts to me. Cold here this morning, we have the heat on. I have to go to a neighbor’s house in an while as she got a new tablet and phone carrier and wants me to hook it all up and explain it to her. Yuck. 😁😃🤦‍♀️🤦‍♂️ Hugs


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