4 thoughts on “CNN: The usually rushing waters at Niagara Falls have frozen — and visitors are stunned by the majestic views

  • For what it’s worth, this happens every year & it’s not all that cold this year. This isn’t really that spectacular. I’ve seen it MUCH better.

    I’ve always said Niagara Falls is much better in the winter than in the summer. Go up on an icy day when the sun is going in & out of the clouds … it’s like fairy land. The spray from the mist is all frozen on the trees & when the sun hits it … WOW.

    But I’ve been wondering how the government shutdown is affecting the Falls … it’s a National Park, after all. Hopefully NY is stepping in to pick up the slack. There’s a New York State Park surrounding the National Park so I would think so.

    The first time I was up in the Falls in the winter was right after the Blizzard of 77. There was so much snow that the gorge had filled up with snow & the water was flowing OVER the snow in the gorge. I didn’t have a camera in those days but I remember it like yesterday.


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