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February 10, 2019

Believing All The Wrong Things

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Hello Anderson. This is a great post. I love it. I am going to share it on my Toy Box also as it is something that needs be said and heard. Thanks. Hugs


In light of the ongoing measles outbreak within spitting distance of my new home, I’ve become more fascinated than ever about the human capacity to believe wrong things.

To be more precise, I’m not referring to believing things that seems obvious to a casual observer, like the Sun going around the Earth, or things we believe because we were informed incorrectly, like the myth that the Columbine shooters were “loners” who’d been bullied. The former requires centuries of scientific exploration to debunk; the latter was fed to us for years before reason and facts regained supremacy. No, I’m speaking of believing things that have been known to be false for generations, things for which the preponderance of evidence points in the opposite direction.

There is no shame in children believing in fairy tales if their parents present them as true. There is nothing inherently wrong with misunderstanding something…

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