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February 12, 2019

GMA: This teen wanted to get vaccinated for his 18th birthday, defying mom’s wishes

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This teen wanted to get vaccinated for his 18th birthday, defying mom’s wishes

For Ethan Lindenberger, turning 18 was all about liberation. Read the full story

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  1. And did you see, this wife didnt give no reason for her non-vaccination kf her other kids. And it’s a pity: Nobody asked her. But as it looked shem didn’t give her eldest son any other Argument t, than I dont want to…

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    Comment by m-iles — February 12, 2019 @ 12:53

    • Hello Miles. Yes you are correct. It seems she has a the government is out to get us conspiracy thing going. Hugs


      Comment by Scottie — February 12, 2019 @ 13:07

      • Oh, THIS kid….

        The government isn’t actively “out to get us” any more than the average person, and this view is equally asinine as believing the government genuinely cares for our wellbeing. Conspiracy theorist make anti-authoritarians look bad. However, our politicians and corporate executives are only human, just like us. Not demons, aliens, or lizard people. They are naked apes capable of both kindness and cruelty.

        That said, power does indeed seem to corrupt. More importantly, a larger population leads to sociocultural polarization, including unequal power structures like our modern governments. Most animals are inherently “selfish” because our brains can only function properly in social groups within certain size limits. For humans, this is approximately 50 to 500 individuals. No lawmaker is physically capable of safely leading millions of people.

        I oppose mandatory vaccination because I shouldn’t be legally required to sacrifice my own body for total strangers. Regardless of the KNOWN benefits or risks of vaccination, there are too many UNKNOWNS for me to feel comfortable with ANY mandatory medical treatment. Our little human minds will never fully understand the intricasies of our biology.

        BUT I also believe we should be ALLOWED to pursue whatever drugs or procedures we so desire, regardless of risks involved. As long as I am allowed to defend myself against these risks. Lindenberger shouldn’t be required to receive any vaccine, nor should he be denied that right, but he should have no say over his mother or siblings. Age is somewhat irrelevant because the “age of minority” is an arbitrary number. We can reach physical maturity before 13, but may not be psychologically mature even at 30.

        If my beliefs seem cruel or selfish to you, rest assured that I am NOT the minority. This is human nature, animal nature, to care little for the masses of strangers that trample over each other. YOU and other humanitarian-types are the small but vocal minority. Amusingly enough, this “selfless” and ultimately self-destructive behavior can be seen in overcrowding experiments. Altruism is a valuable tool, when harnessed properly, but this “think about the immunocompromised children” attitude is a form of mass hysteria symptomatic of an impending population bottleneck.

        Don’t get me wrong, I don’t claim to be a mentally healthy individual. NO ONE is. But I suffer from a different problem than you: an acute sense of helplessness in a crowded world, resulting in anxiety and a strong desire for social isolation. This sociocultural polarization can only be balanced by a massive reduction in human population. In other words, vaccines only prolong the inevitable. We are the architects of our own destruction.

        Those who survive a true epidemic will have the best immune systems. Not so strong as to destroy our own bodies, but certainly strong enough to survive without the drastic resource-intensive life support methods our modern healthcare system currently employs. The children too immunocompromised to survive vaccination don’t really stand a chance.

        Notice that I rarely deny the effectiveness of modern medicine when it comes to prolonging life. However, rates of chronic illness continue to rise along with life expectancy. Neither individual humans nor our species as a whole should live in defiance of death. Cats know when to eat their own babies, when to lie down and die with dignity.

        Sorry if this offends you.


        Comment by Edith Aint — February 12, 2019 @ 13:58

        • Hello Edith. Yes you offend me. The reason for that is you are ignorant. Willfully ignorant it seems.

          In the article the reason the mother gave for not trusting vaccines was her idea that the government was “out to get them”. Now people are good, bad , and some such as yourself seem indifferent to the suffering of others. We will address this later on.

          It is not true that most animals are selfish, not even us primates. Many studies have been done that show just the opposite. In fact primates have well developed social equality ways. Other mammals in all categories also are known to give of themselves for others. So you are simply wrong about animals being selfish. Mankind can be a selfish animal but most of us are taught differently in childhood. Yes there are a few assholes in life, but by and large most people are caring kind people. Oh group size has nothing to do with it. There are many well led groups and organizations well over 500 people. However you are not thinking clearly when you say “No lawmaker is physically capable of safely leading millions of people.” No lawmaker does that alone and they do not do it physically. That ignores the entire structure of modern government and our societies. This is not the 1600’s or earlier.

          Edith you need to understand right now, a vaccination is not the sacrifice of your body. No one is ripping an organ out and no one is taking your body fluids without consent. Nothing happens to you , your body, except you get healthier. That is why this whole anti-vaccine thing is so stupid. ALL the credible research has proven vaccines are safe. Sorry if that offends you, but it is simply the truth! There are no unknowns! Not by the medical professionals who develop and use these vaccines. The science of vaccination is a long and well known one. It is a myth there are unknown possibles maybe oh god I heard it can cause your eyes to cross things happening. Studies have shown that if there was an unwanted reaction of some type it was caused by another factor, not the vaccine itself.

          Give it a rest on our little human minds crap. OK if you do not understand something no one will, is that it. Sorry there are humans who understand things you and I will never come close to understanding and yes there are many who have most of our biology pretty well figured out. They are working on getting to the few remaining not well understood things.

          Oh gods, how old are you? Yes the age of adulthood in our country is nationally 18 and state by state can be that or 21. Yes it is a picked number that means little but the fact is we have to have one and we use that one. It is like the age of consent, most of it is arbitrary but legally we need to have one. So we do have adults and minors and minors by definition are not adults. Understand? So adults make medical decisions unless a court says the minor can do it for themselves. So basically a minor has no choice , unless given it by a court, so an adult is with holding beneficial medical treatment by not letting the minor be vaccinated.

          Again Edith the concept is you are not alone in your community and in our society. Your not getting vaccinated can mean life long effects from disease or even death to others. We do not let people cause harm to others with consequence. Besides do you want to be the cause of a preventable disease outbreak? You do understand we make a lot of laws requiring many things to prevent harm caused to others by anyone one of us? This whole discussion is rather silly and immature as I see it. As long as you live with in a group, community, society then you need to follow the rules made for the well being of that community. If you choose to not follow the rules safeguarding the health and lives of others, you need to get out of that group, community , society and so on. You are acting as if you lived alone on an island somewhere. You do not. You come into contact with others all the time. You need to understand what you do affects everyone. Don’t you get that?

          Sorry Edith, but again you are wrong. The majority has been shown to accept medical science and vaccinations. Your who paragraph here is wrong, you and your thinking are the minority and one that will hopefully be educated and / or be medically helped out of their misbeliefs and delusions.

          So Eidth you use the results of biological research and medical science when it benefits you, but not when you disagree with it. Even though you could be hurting others? So if it is good for you fine, but good for others and you don’t care? You do have an issue with depression and hopelessness I agree. However I suggest you get it treated with competent medical help from a professional, because the conclusions you have drawn are not accurate. Your sentences are in disagreement with each other.

          These comments from you and my replies have gotten quite long. No one learns from anything this long from either of us. Let’s try to keep your comments shorter and I will try to respond only to what you write. However on these subjects I think we have addressed them as well as we can. So let’s move one. Be well. Hugs


          Comment by Scottie — February 12, 2019 @ 15:00

        • So you are not very respectful to the rights others have, cause you help bringing about epidemias long forgotten since. You seem to be someone rather egoistic. And your arguments are somewhat stupid and dull.: Accusing others is a way only really ignoring people take and you have no proof for your sheer nonsense; just ignorance and prejudice. you are, as I can read in your text, really peacocky you seem to be a religious man – as you are so full of believes, that you dont give any Proof for.
          I am sure you can do better.

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          Comment by m-iles — February 12, 2019 @ 15:06

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