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February 13, 2019

Would you kill me if god told you to?

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  1. This goes along with Swarn’s latest post about morality and god. Have you seen it?

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    Comment by Nan — February 13, 2019 @ 13:28

  2. Hi Scottie;
    This very simple question had me doing some crazy mental gymnastics that I really don’t have an answer for;

    At first, I thought ‘what a great question! I can imagine this in a school setting…’ and then I realized the letters and complaints the school and teachers would get and the demonstrations.
    Then I thought ‘well, this is quite simply only a question you could pose to adults, like in a college setting’ and then I realized that the benefits from that, while considerable would be somewhat wasted because the ideas of religion are imprinted in childhood, not adulthood.
    Then I thought ‘well, who Could tell me that it was right to go kill someone?’ And, I thought about would I accept that from a parent? No. From a teacher? No. From a pastor/preacher? No. From the government? No.
    … I realized that someone telling me to kill someone who was just standing there, doing nothing aggressive, threatening, violent, not sure I could do it.
    So, then, God. If God said ‘kill this person’, could I? No! I would imagine myself wondering a) what did this person do so horrible that his own creator would want him dean? And, b) since God is so powerful to have created the life, why must I be the one to end it? Can’t God do that if He thought it so important?
    So, now, by this simple little picture, I don’t know where I am, not just on religion, but on war and capital punishment. Further, I thought, what sort of person would say ‘yes’ to those questions?

    Under what justification could someone take the life of someone just sitting there?

    And now I have a headache.


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    Comment by randy — February 13, 2019 @ 17:44

    • Hello Brother Randy, let me add to your headache. To say God is good you need to judge that god. So you must have an independant morality to do so. Therefore morality can not come from god. Now if God says do this thing, such as kill your child or own other humans as property, and you say that thing is wrong, you have a higher moral standing than that god did! Wow gods morals are stuck in the in the distant past, but human morals are advancing. You, a failable human, are more moral than an all powerful all knowing deity! Great job on being an enlightened modern day human primate. Loves and hugs.


      Comment by Scottie — February 13, 2019 @ 18:32

      • How can anyone – not existing – have morals! this is BSxBS

        He cant be all powerful:
        He didnt see, that there lived Humans in numbers long before the fairy-tale book bible was written in East-Africa and at least in Australia.

        He didnt see that the earth was NOT flat as those stupids of creationist still (think) stupidly believe.

        He didnt see, that there are a Sextillion planets in the Univers, such huge a number, nobody but a blind god coud not have seen in 13.4 Billion years the universe exist no.

        He, for sure was unable to write, otherwise he would have needed the rible-biters, which just had one adventage to god: They could write, at least in Hebrew, which noone, except them, was able to read and — maybe — prove it the truth.

        He was for sure not comfort with exact timelines, cause he “gave” the rible-biters the ability to write –
        some time AFTER, His son lived and finally died – a god died, stupidly – nice stuff for fairy-tales in any of the 99 bibles, that are known.!! So the rible-biters of the New Testament were not even eywitnesses.
        God is – for sure- a traitor. N o, not god is, the ribl-biters are.
        And in German: The bible-writers are traitors! Cause they “Invented”, what t h e y called ‘god’
        And in US.English: The bible-writers are traitors! Cause they “Invented”, what t h e y called ‘god’

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        Comment by m-iles — February 14, 2019 @ 08:58

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