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February 20, 2019

Indiana Strips LGBT And Race From Hate Crimes Bill

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So tell me again why even have a hate crime law of you remove the hateful reasons people hateful people committee the crimes because of?  Hugs

Videos and more information at the link.

The Indianapolis Star reports:

The Indiana Senate voted to amend a hate crimes proposal Tuesday, scrapping from the bill all protected characteristics, including gender identity, race and sexual orientation.

In response, Senate Democrats staged a walkout and didn’t return to vote on any of the remaining bills on the calendar. Gov. Eric Holcomb said the amended bill “does not get Indiana off the list of states without a bias crime law.” But he didn’t say if he would sign it into law if it arrived at his desk as is.


  1. This is sad.
    I can understand to do violence against another there is in that act hate toward that person irregardless of race, color, sex, creed, sexual orientation. But I don’t understand this law. They just want to make it ok to be as bad as you want to a gay person or a person of color. Notice however religion is still protected under the hatecrimes law they are pushing.

    Perhaps they are setting the stage for a Christian baker to claim a gay couple looking for a cake committed a hate crime by tresspass upon thier faith?

    Make you wonder.

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    Comment by Michelle Styles — February 21, 2019 @ 08:46

    • Hello Michelle. Good points. I am not a supporter of hate crime laws as applied in our country. I do not like thought policing. A crime is a crime and while understanding motivation is needed for solving and prosecuting a crime it shouldn’t be used to make a preferred status of victim class. We have sentencing guidelines that can take that into account. If I steal your purse ( and get my ass beat for trying it ) it shouldn’t matter if I like you or not. Anyway I am sure someone will point out why I am wrong here. Be well. Hugs


      Comment by Scottie — February 21, 2019 @ 08:54

      • You aren’t wrong.

        And if I do violence to you without cause (life or limb) then I have shown hatred toward you. Your color, sex, class, sexual orientation or faith are irrelevent. I also disagree with preffered classes in crime. You should not be punished more for killing me because I am gay than killing some random straight white person. Crime is crime is crime.


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        Comment by Michelle Styles — February 21, 2019 @ 09:04

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