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February 20, 2019

VIRAL VIDEO: Woman Melts Down In Mexican Eatery At Hearing Spanish, “Get The Fuck Out Of My Country”

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We really need an education system in this country.  Seem that the deplorables are showing the DunningKruger effect is magnified in them.  ( In the field of psychology, the Dunning–Kruger effect is a cognitive bias in which people of low ability have illusory superiority and mistakenly assess their cognitive ability as greater than it is. ) Hugs

There is a hard to hear video of the incident at the link.  Hugs

A video showing a white woman swearing at the general manager of a Mexican restaurant in West Virginia for speaking Spanish went viral over the weekend. “English is our first language, so you need to speak English,” the woman, identified in the video as Jill, screamed at Sergio Budar, the manager. “Get the f— out of my country.”

“It makes me feel angry, sad. It’s unbelievable that we’re still seeing this kind of behavior to this day,” Budar, who’s originally from Mexico, told NBC News. “I’ve been living here for almost two decades, and counting. I got my U.S. citizenship while here, but that doesn’t mean that people can’t speak other languages that are not English.”



  1. Just today, I heard at least five different languages before 9 a.m.

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    Comment by silverapplequeen — February 20, 2019 @ 13:15

    • Hello SAQ. That is grand. I admire people who can speak different languages. Only in a backwards country could that skill be wrong. In some countries I am led to understand they have multiple spoken languages and kids learn bunches of them. Hugs

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      Comment by Scottie — February 20, 2019 @ 14:00

      • It is common in areas where there are more languages spoken in a given area. In Europe, the countries are roughly the size of our states, and in most cases each one has its own language. Think — if Georgia, Alabama, and South Carolina each spoke a different language, you might well have picked up some of each of them.

        English is so dominant in the US and as a global language of international communication that it’s ridiculous for people to feel threatened by hearing another language, but there people are ridiculous. And frightened of everything.

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        Comment by Infidel753 — February 20, 2019 @ 20:33

        • Hello Infidel, well said. Oh I found out today your posts notifications have been going into my spam filter. I have no idea why. I fixed it. I thought you had cut back on posting. Hugs


          Comment by Scottie — February 20, 2019 @ 20:36

          • I did actually stop posting for about a week because of a medical problem, but I’m back now. Spam filters can be very idiosyncratic.

            At the office where I work, there is one person who is fluent in Spanish because she lived in Mexico for eight years. She is constantly called upon to handle business phone calls to Spanish-speaking countries. It’s a valuable skill and doubtless improves her job security.

            Measuring by number of native speakers (ignoring those who speak a language as a second language), Spanish actually ranks second in the world, after Mandarin. (English is third, and Arabic is fourth, which I’m sure would not please some people.) It’s enormously stupid to discourage learning of a language spoken by so many people across a vast, economically-booming belt of countries which is on the same land-mass as the US.

            Also, freedom of expression includes the right to speak whatever language you choose. I think there has actually been a court ruling that the First Amendment does include that.

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            Comment by Infidel753 — February 20, 2019 @ 20:45

            • Hello Infidel. I agree. I read a comment that said the woman was only upset because she couldn’t eavesdrop on the conversation. I posted on a man who got upset in a store because the clerks were talking to each other in another language and he was just sure they were talking about him. Seems a lot of this anger at others speaking a different language is insecurity and fear. Hugs


              Comment by Scottie — February 20, 2019 @ 20:54

  2. If I had been there (as a genuinely white person) … and was able to speak Spanish … I would have looked straight at the woman and told her what I thought of her in Spanish. Then I would have added … in English … that I was born and raised in this country and had no intentions of “getting the fuck out.”

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    Comment by Nan — February 20, 2019 @ 13:37

    • Hello Nan. I would have paid to see that! In the comments on the article I seen many were saying how grateful they were to see the white haired man with the southern accent tell the woman off and stick up for the people in the establishment. There are good people left in the country. We just all have to stand up to bigotry and hate as vocally as those spewing it. Hugs

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      Comment by Scottie — February 20, 2019 @ 14:03

  3. My wife found this story on her phone, as we were driving home last night. As she read it to me we were both like wtf? You go to a Mexican restauraunt and get bent out of shape because you hear someone speaking Spanish? Gee I wonder if you go to a Chinese restauraunt you might hear someone speaking Chinese? The horror!

    I heard plenty of Spanish on the way home last night. Much of it I don’t understand, but I’m pretty sure I’m glad I wasn’t on the other end of it 🙂

    Make no doubt about it, this is a symptom of Trumpism.

    There is hope though, according to the story I heard last night the man this woman was dining with stood up in defense of the restauraunt manager, as did some other customers. I will tell you right now, that woman is damn lucky my wife wasn’t there. I will make a note to keep bail money in my pocket…

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    Comment by shelldigger — February 21, 2019 @ 06:39

    • Hello Shelldigger. I like the way your wife thinks! Yes the man she was with angrily told her to shut up and that she wouldn’t treat the restaurant people like that. I doubt they are friends now. I was very happy to see that. I hope more people will step up when they see bigotry and bullying. Hugs


      Comment by Scottie — February 21, 2019 @ 08:30

  4. I fear this is true of both sides. This nation maybe doomed unless something is done to heal it. In the world of 2019 it will never happen. Hopefully in 2020 we see a candidate who can heal the wounds of devision and make peiole understand we all bleed red, we all love our country and we all have hopes and dreams. Once that is known we can work toward a nation where everyone is free to follow thier own dreams.

    Wouldn’t that be grand?

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    Comment by Michelle Styles — February 21, 2019 @ 08:49

    • Hello Michelle. Yes it would be grand if we could have an enlightened and advanced progressive society. Sadly we have made so many things that are good for the people into to scare words. Hugs


      Comment by Scottie — February 21, 2019 @ 08:56

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