7 thoughts on “Milo refused to get out of bed this morning. Stayed in his fav place my pillow

  • Hi Scottie;
    One of the greatest books ever written was titled “Everything I Need to Know I Learned from My Dog”. In this case, it is the inspired wisdom of your cat. Lead On, Milo!


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    • I’ll add a bit more: Sometimes I think that the reward for a life lived well is to come back a dog or cat in a family where you are loved. Warm bed, great food, a bit of sunshine coming in the window in a perfect place to nap and dream of toys… or in Gracie’s case, squirrels, rabbits and tennis balls. During this rewarding time of second life, the wise soul teaches all the important things in life: Love. Good Food. Forgiveness. Great Friends. The shy sadness of watching our loved ones go from us for the – however long (rewarded lives need no clocks), and the incredible happiness of their return to us.
      The dogs and cats in families with toddlers is for those wise souls that got smarmy about it.


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      • Hello Randy my brother. I agree with you. However I would also say “is that not the state every child should be in at birth? Not trying to ambush you at all, but you know my childhood. I would have so rather been Gracie in your care than what I went through. Maybe it is the other way around, we first get to be the dogs and cats and other well cared for animals, then we become humans at the mercy of those that did not learn the message of love. Just a thought. Have a great night. Hugs


    • Hello Randy, my wonderful brother and grand friend. If you knew how far behind I am in emails and other needed computer stuff you would have me committed! Well on that and other things. 😜😜😁🤣😂😊😊❤

      Hey just to let you know a lady in the park is struggling with a young pointer puppy her family member has at her house. It is such a lovable wonderful little guy. He runs to me when he sees me and gets so excited. I really wish I could take care of a dog. You are so lucky brother to be able to keep up with your bundle of energy. Hugs


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