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February 21, 2019

So are you still “pro-life”

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(cartoon by Clay Bennett)


  1. Controversial. I’m pro-choice, however, my daughter had mental health issues and was sympathetic to homeless people, since she was one step away from being homeless, herself. This dismisses homeless people. They still deserve to have access to medication. I believe this is the problem. Jails are also full of the mentally ill. This needs to change.

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    Comment by Cathy Lynn Brooks — February 22, 2019 @ 20:21

    • Hello Kathy. It is good to see you commenting again. I am sorry to hear of your daughters struggles and glad she is not among the homeless. I agree this country needs to have better services and out reach to those with mental illnesses. I also deplore how jails are used to house mentally ill people because the states and federal government have not funded any other options. These are important issues to discuss.

      However I disagree entirely that the editorial cartoon dismisses the homeless. I do not think the drive of the cartoon was to mock or debase the homeless at all. I see the cartoon as an indictment of the powerful people in our government who call themselves “pro-life” and are doing everything they can to restrict the reproductive rights of females while doing everything they can to stop any assistance to the born. These people are not “pro-life” they are pro-fetus. Any person who claims to be pro-life and yet supports the elimination of services to help children and families needing everything from health care to school meals is not pro-life. The denying of food assistance programs and daycare are things cut out of budgets by these people passing laws that will force a woman to give birth. These sanctimonious politicians can get way with cutting these assistance programs because the people who also claim to be “pro-life” forget all about the child when it is born. If all these same “pro-life” people protested the politicians attempts to cut these programs, if they marched and held rallies to promote the welfare of the born children no politician would dare cut services. But instead the entire focus is on getting a fetus to pop out of the womb and then they can rest forgetting the job has only just begun for the now mother of a living human child. The goal is to force a female to undergo a life threatening procedure called pregnancy against her will and then spend the next 18 or more years raising a child that was not wanted with out any support from the people who took away her medical right of body autonomy. The act of sex, the joining of an egg and sperm doesn’t take away the rights of the female as a person. Her body is still hers to decide what to do with. Here is an interesting post by Jim and the comments were very enlightening on the subject.

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      Comment by Scottie — February 22, 2019 @ 21:11

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