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February 21, 2019

We should understand


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  1. “What Smollett did was wrong but the big problem isn’t the .2% which are hoaxes, it’s the hate crimes which have risen 20% since Trump took office.”

    Smollett should not be mentioned at ALL in this. It is in a way justifying what he did. What he did was wrong “BUT” <- In other words who cases what he did let’s instead look over there. This is a backdoor way to try and forgive this guy. He hurt every victim. All 21000 of them.

    Further note is it is not a 20% rise unless the numbers are wrong. 50 goes into 21,000 420 times so as a percent increase subtract 1 and multiply by 100 so 21000/50=420 420-50(the original amount)=419 419*100=41900% increase.

    So either 50 or 21000 or 20% is wrong or he failed at 5th/6th grade math.

    One more thing to know. The FBI and DOJ newest numbers available are for 2017. 2018 hate crime numbers are not available yet to anyone because they have not been compiled and released. So I would question his number for 2018.

    One more thing. According to the FBI 2016 6,121 crimes with bias (aka hate crimes) were committed with a total of 7,321 victims of those crimes.

    2017 same source the fbi. 7,175 crimes, 8,828 victims.

    7,175/6,121=1.17 Remove the original amount .17*100 = 17% increase. That is still alarming!

    I always ignore this type of tweet when they can’t get basic math right.

    Notice I did not say this person was a hoax BUT….. look over there. I can present the simple facts. hate crimes are on the rise. Here are the sources.

    If we wanted a trend…

    2015 numbers 5850 crimes 7173 victims (6121/5850)=1.046 .046100 = 4.6% rise 2015-2016
    2014 numbers 5479 crimes 6727 victims (5850/5479) = 1.0677 .0677
    100=6.77% rise 2014-2015
    2013 numbers 5928 crimes 7242 victims (5479/5925) .9247 (or a drop of 7.53% 2013-2014

    2017 fbi notes as addendum that some of the rise is attributed to better collection and identification of hate crimes being reported to local authorities. A better definition with clearer guidelines put in place near the end of 2015 and enacted begining 2017 aided in clerifing and identifying some crimes previously overlooked. They do not attribute a solid number to those crimes identified so we have not way to be sure what percentage of that jump is due to better reporting verses and actual rise in the numbers.

    And now you know the rest of the story….


    Comment by Michelle Styles — February 22, 2019 @ 09:07

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