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March 15, 2019

The Atlantic: Americans are going bankrupt from getting sick

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Americans are going bankrupt from getting sick
The Atlantic

Doctors’ bills play a role in 60 percent of personal-bankruptcy filings. Read the full story

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  1. If it wasn’t for the VA I’d be bankrupt squared.

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    Comment by nationofnope — March 15, 2019 @ 19:32

    • Hello Nation. I understand. Back in 1996 my right hip bone deteriorated and died. I had no insurance. An Army buddy reminded me I was a veteran and we had a new VA hospital in West Palm Beach. I enrolled and they were great. They gave me everything I needed including a scooter. In 2004 I had my right hip replaced entirely by the VA and again it was no cost to me. Fast forward to 2014, my left hip had gone. I needed to have a total hip replacement. Yet I had private insurance and had left the VA. I couldn’t afford the co-pay. It was not until three years later that I now had medicare and private insurance that I could have my hip surgery. Three years of pain, having to take serious pain medications, loss of mobility due to being lower income. Also due to the problem walking I lost my job, which means I lost my insurance. I was lucky I qualified for ACA ( Obamacare ) at a low price I could afford. So I could get the care I needed. Ron and I married first chance we got in Florida which put me on his insurance so again I was able to get medical coverage I needed. Again one of the reasons same sex marriage is so very important. I wish you the best. Hugs


      Comment by Scottie — March 16, 2019 @ 04:41

  2. I have no trouble believing this, for if I bought my insulin in the U.S., it would cost me over $1,300 per month. Fortunately I am able to get it from Canada for less than half that amount, though technically, doing so is against the law. My daughter is a Nursing supervisor for a large urology group, and they are being bought by a private equity firm, whose goal is nothing but profit. They will pay each of the current owner-doctors $1 million in the buyout, and then give them a monthly paycheck. Meanwhile, new rules … if a patient cannot pay up front, they will not be seen. It’s not about patient care anymore, but about soaking people for profit. Sigh.

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    Comment by jilldennison — March 16, 2019 @ 00:41

    • Hello Jill. And we are the only 1st world nation that has a profit driven healthcare. This is a situation that can not continue. We have created a system of overlords with more than plenty , and a serf class who have nothing and struggle to survive, often dying young with no hope. The upper incomes have been taught they are owed it, they deserve it, and those not them are not really people and do not count at all. I think a lot of this stems from the entitlement mentality of the trust fund rich kids who grew up and kept demanding more. Hugs

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      Comment by Scottie — March 16, 2019 @ 05:03

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