Scotties Toy Box

The Many Things In My Toy Box ….my view may change due to verifiable evidence

Recently Ron went to the stone place near us and got 25 bags of marble chip and filled the planter.  A friend of ours had painted up a bunch of yard statues for us.   This weekend Ron got some new plants for the side garden, and planted them.  Here are the pictures and two very short videos.   Hugs

8 thoughts on “Statues and Flowers try 3

  1. Ron has helped carve out a little slice of heaven just for you. That is true love my friend.

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    1. Scottie says:

      Hello Michelle. Yes he really is love. He has transformed my life from the time I met him. Hey Michelle a question. I am reading another blog which is maintaining that Islam is more dangerous and violent than Christianity and currently Muslims kill more people than Christians. I disputed this and the blog author said he didn’t want to talk about the past but about current events. I had pointed out that the Bible was a violent and horrible as the Quran. I just looked up the stats and it is not clear as there is many more events of killing by Christians but until just recently the big numbers were for each Muslim event. I figured as someone who goes to Islamic countries and mingles with Muslims you might want to read and comment on the three posts. If you want the links let me know, if you would rather not I understand. Oh and what do you think of the 9 year old and her brother stopped at the border and held for 36 hours. I think the family has a good lawsuit against the BP. Not to mention how furious I got reading of the tactics taken on scared little kids! Hugs Be well. Hugs

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      1. A childs rights include the right to due process, the right to legal counsel, the right against unreasonable searches and seizures, the right to remain silent in order to avoid self-incrimination, and the right against cruel and unusual punishment, etc. Unlike adults, however, children who are charged with a crime in juvenile court do not have the right to a trial by a jury of their peers; the trial and sentence are rather executed by a juvenile court judge.

        Being American citizens I wonder if they were made aware of their rights AND understood them fully enough to make a decission without the presence of an adult representative. It sucks but parents don’t have automatic rights in many states and not all see a child as an adult. Those that don’t even suggest you can deny a basic constitutional right to a child since they are not an adult. Total BS by the way.

        sure you can email me I’d take a look. I do know at one point there was a ten year stretch where muslims killed more than Christians. BUT perhaps not all Christian killsings were accurately reported as terrorism? /shrug

        Statistics can make anything true….

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        1. Scottie says:

          Hello Michelle. I will send you an email with the links. I am so upset over what was done to those kids and why it was done. As you can see from my comments I think it was bigotry and an attempt to take the kids passports and deny them entry into the US for as long as possible. I am so angry at the threat the made to the brother it is hard for me to stay calm right now. I really want to rage at the agents who threatened a 9 year old and a 13 teen year old children. Really want to have a loud talk with them where I explain how that is unacceptable for any adult. Michelle if that was your daughter ( I doubt the situation would be the same ) think how upset you would be , how angry, how worried for your child. Think how scared your daughter would be. I can not stand this si what adults in my country do to kids. Hugs

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          1. Oh I’m upset. I was just pointing out all the rights that the BP violated as well. Even a noncitizen should have rights to an attorney, to remain silent, the basic rights that protect them from unlawful prosecution. But certain administrations don’t see them as worthy of such treatment.

            It’s sad our legal system being justice is blind was once the envy of the world. Now it’s the laughing stalk…

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            1. Scottie says:

              Hello Michelle. Sent the email to your Ghostdancer email. Yes I agree, and I did understand what you were saying. I am so upset over this I was just trying to express that emotion I am feeling. I know it is early but I think I will have a vodka and coke, or three. Hugs

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              1. Just don’t drive and you have my blessings.

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  2. randy says:

    Hi Scottie;
    I love the “planter”! Oh, and those love bugs… you still have them! I didn’t think you liked them. The guy who made those has passed. He was a stroke victim, and those were his occ.therapy.
    Mom and Dad have a lot of plants growing in front of their home and come back to Florida to a jungle nearly taking over their house. I will have to mention what you did and see what they think. I would imagine the upkeep is a lot less, and if they want plants, that’s what planter pots are made for, yeah?



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