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I am off to make a tomato red sauce for my hubby.  He has worked a lot of 12 hour shifts lately and he has not complained but I know it is hard for him.   On my way home from my shots I stopped at the Publix grocery store ( great people ) and picked up all I needed to make hubby a grand meal when he wakes up.  

I make my sauce with a base of Dei Fratelli tomato sauce as I find them the most tasty.  Then I add cut mild sausage ( I get the long links and slice them into small sections as Ron likes the taste to bite into them ) and we went back to very lean beef ( was trying to not use beef but can not find anything we like as much ) and then add minced garlic, oregano , sweet basil, rubbed sage, thyme, peppers ( I use a mix of green , yellow, and red ) diced celery, and a small bit of chopped onion ( I don’t really like the taste of onion but in a sauce it adds a good flavor ) and after the sauce is hot and simmering I add some organic meat balls Ron likes.   People have different takes on meatballs , some think they should be baked and then added , I feel they should be put in the sauce to take on the flavor.  I also got two kinds of “toasted bread” for the supper, one garlic and one three cheese.  I may have forgotten a few things I add or do but you get the idea.  Sauce shouldn’t ever come out the same if you make it often.  I feel it should be adaptable and change with your feelings / mood.  To me my cooking is an extension of myself and reflects how I am feeling at that time.  Lucky for me Ron loves my cooking.  ( also my extension of my self ?  )  Hugs

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      • Hello Nan. I understand. Before I met Ron I had two foods in my home. Hot dogs and eggs. However in 1990 when Ron moved in I found out food had a totally different dimension. I did not need to just eat to live, I could eat to taste. Boy did I gain weight fast. I went from 110 pounds to 140 pounds like overnight.

        Ron taught me the basics of cooking and he encourages me to expand. I have learned to cook so many things. I love the creativity of it. Clean up however is a pain in the butt, but often Ron will do that. For us it is really something we enjoy doing for each other. Ron just came to my office to tell me when I am done eating he will do up all the dishes. How cool is that? Hugs

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  • I’m making meatballs & sauce on Sunday. I bake my meatballs & then add them … they simmer in the sauce & they do add flavor & take on flavor as well. I also put a mixture of Italian sausage & beef into my sauce & ALWAYS mushrooms! & red wine! I never drink wine, I get migraines but I certainly cook with wine!

    There’s always fresh bread so my son James can dip a piece into the sauce as it’s cooking & let me know how it’s coming along.

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    • Hello SAQ. Sounds grand! I love mushrooms but the other half doesn’t care for them, so I rarely use them. When I do I like large sliced white mushrooms for spaghetti sauce. I miss fresh bread. I need a new bread maker. I burned out three of them, I was making bread every day. I am looking for a good vertical loaf one. All I can find are horizontal loaf ones. Do you have any suggestions? Hugs


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