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April 2, 2019

Homeland Security Disbands Domestic Terror Intelligence Unit

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“It’s especially problematic given the growth in right-wing extremism and domestic terrorism we are seeing in the U.S. and abroad,” one former intelligence official told The Daily Beast.

The group in question was a branch of analysts in DHS’s Office of Intelligence and Analysis (I&A). They focused on the threat from homegrown violent extremists and domestic terrorists. The analysts there shared information with state and local law enforcement to help them protect their communities from these threats.

“You hear this administration say how domestic terrorism is a clear priority. But you can’t say that and then all of a sudden get rid of the unit that’s there to detect threats. You can’t have it both ways.”
— Former DHS official Nate Snyder

Then the Trump administration’s new I&A chief, David Glawe, began reorganizing the office, which is the DHS component that has a place in the Intelligence Community. Over the course of the reorganization, the branch of I&A focused on domestic terrorism got eighty-sixed and its analysts were reassigned to new positions. The change happened last year, and has not been previously reporte

Former officials pointed to a spate of domestic terror attacks in recent years as evidence that DHS erred by shuttering this branch. From the massacre that left 11 people dead at a Pittsburgh synagogue to a shooting targeting Republican members of Congress in June 2018 to bomb threats that a deranged Trump fandirected at prominent Democrats and CNN, violent attacks informed by homegrown hatred have left Americans increasingly terrorized.



  1. Another example of he gross negligence of this Government in it’s duty of care to it’s peoples There is a real attempt to dismantle caring Government and productive Government. Already things like the clean air act have been affected as has clean water and protecting National Park lands and the safety of some protected species. I think the Republicans are waiting until they’ve had all they can get before hanging up a sign saying America Closed.

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    Comment by davidprosser — April 2, 2019 @ 16:30

    • Hello David. Yes they are acting like corporate raiders who are stealing any and all assets before the close the company ( the country ) leaving all the rest of us stuck with the bills no one can pay. They are suing the WS / WN to stay in power and to be their brown shirt thugs. Hugs

      Liked by 1 person

      Comment by Scottie — April 2, 2019 @ 16:34

  2. The most important thing to do would be to ban semi-automatic weapons.

    Liked by 1 person

    Comment by OG — April 5, 2019 @ 15:51

    • Hello OG. I agree, and I also would include large clips. No one needs more than 10 rounds at a time. Hugs


      Comment by Scottie — April 5, 2019 @ 18:19

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