5 thoughts on “We need all to vote now

    • A participatory form of government by definition requires participation. Make voting as much about the process as the decisions being asked of citizens to make. Registration should be as easy as possible. Voting should be a national holiday. We should do away with voting places a have a mail in ballot system with a comprehensive voters guide with clear ballot descriptions with plenty of room for arguments for and against including candidates submitted profiles.The process should be long enough for adequate reflection and spending amounts strictly regulated.

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      • I completely agree! We need to get rid of gerrymandered districts, make voter registration easier, overturn restrictive voter ID laws and hold elections on Sundays, as most European nations do. I doubt we will ever get rid of polling places altogether, but every state should have early voting and mail-in ballots. Someday, maybe, but don’t look for any of it to happen under the current regime. Sigh.

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        • Your comment basically describes HR 1 passed by the new Democratic HOR but DOA in the Senate so electing a Democratic president and capturing the Senate next year (and holding the House) guarantees getting your proposals through.

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          • Yes, I support HR1, but also realize that it cannot survive a republican-majority Senate, and doesn’t even have a veto-proof majority in the House. My fear is that too many people are assuming, since Trump is so unpopular with the majority, that the democrats will sweep both the executive and legislative branches next year. Over-confidence and infighting among Democrats is concerning, to say the least.

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