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April 24, 2019

Enshrining religious doctrine into the laws to make a theocracy

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Mick Mulvaney: Trump Lets Us Take Our “Faith and Work It Into Our Policies”

Mick Mulvaney: Trump Lets Us Take Our “Faith and Work It Into Our Policies”

More at the link above as always.  Hugs

If anything, what Mulvaney said was damning for religion. If religion is guiding Trump’s policies, you have to wonder why the Christian faith is so senseless and cruel. Which Bible verses are they using to tear children from their parents? Which words of Jesus are they using to turn away asylum seekers? Is it the Old or New Testament that teaches them to ignore climate change?

If Mulvaney’s lines received applause at the breakfast, it’s only because he belongs to one of the Republican Party’s acceptable religions. A Muslim staffer ever saying something similar about the Obama administration — even referring to some generic religious idea like “being kind” — would surely result in the entire right-wing media universe raging against Sharia Law for weeks.

Mulvaney accidentally told the truth. He said the quiet part out loud again.

In a nation founded on separation of church and state, it’s disturbing for any politician to say religious beliefs are the basis for public policy. Sure, everyone’s ideas are based on their own backgrounds, but policies should ultimately be driven by reason and evidence, not the irrational whims of a particular God and His followers. Even if faith points them in one direction, that’s never enough to justify the government’s actions.

But as is so often the case with Republicans, they’re okay with it as long as it benefits them. If people of another religion or political party used the same language and made the same arguments, the GOP would be up in arms crying “persecution.” Since we’re talking about Christianity, though, the FOX News crowd will just eat it up, no questions asked.

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