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May 9, 2019

Trump Laughs At Rally Call To Shoot Migrants

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Trump Laughs At Rally Call To Shoot Migrants [VIDEO]

New York Magazine reports:

“Shoot them,” he yelled, which caused the president, and much of the televised backdrop of crowd members, to laugh. “Only in the panhandle can you get away with that statement,” Trump said, interpreting the call to violence as a joke.

The Washington Post reports:

The fans seated directly behind Trump wore serious, perturbed frowns, which were quickly replaced by broad grins after the shouted suggestion that the solution involved firearms. Uproarious laughter rippled across the room as audience members whistled and offered a round of applause.

To critics, Trump’s failure to outright condemn the idea of shooting migrants amounted to a “tacit endorsement” of the sentiment.

Many pointed out that such rhetoric was especially concerning in light of the fact that an armed militia group, the United Constitutional Patriots, had been searching the borderlands for undocumented migrants and detaining them against their will.


  1. Much as been discussed related to gun control. However, the very real possibility that a civil war could erupt in this nation in the not-so-distant future makes one wonder if a gun might be a handy thing to have.

    I truly wonder if tRumpsky has a CLUE of the effect his “off-handed” comments have on some of his more aggressive followers.

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    Comment by Nan — May 9, 2019 @ 13:25

    • Hello Nan. I think tRump and his crew are very aware of the effect his words have on his followers. They have been told often enough.

      As for the civil war idea, I think that you are missing the point. If tRump ignores the laws and simply stays in power as some sort of authoritarian dictator as he is currently doing, he will have the power of the state behind him. In such a case his followers are only a threat to violence against any who dare to sully the great name / ideas of their dear leader. They would be basically the “brown shirts” of the tRump party cult. Yes they would have his approval and by then no armed resistance would mean much.

      A “civil war” with the firearms we civilians have is more on the lines of the Hatfield’s and McCoy’s feud. Every police force is now fully stocked in military hardware and weapons. The military and different branches of national guards also have to be figured in. No this will come down to if the generals and the military commanders will back tRump’s power play. This wont come down to people shooting it out in suburban back yards. Either the leaders of the different parties, the leaders of the courts, the leaders of the military, the leaders of the states will either stand to save our democracy or we will lose it and become what history has shown clearly can happen. Hugs


      Comment by Scottie — May 9, 2019 @ 14:01

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