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May 11, 2019

Christians demanding the government display their religious symbol ( but only their religious symbol ) and also try to play victim

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Jacinto County (TX) Officials Vote to Keep Christian Crosses in Local Courthouse

Jacinto County (TX) Officials Vote to Keep Christian Crosses in Local Courthouse

If you visit the San Jacinto County Courthouse in Texas, you can see giant Christian crosses in the windows. There are four all around the building, and they’re apparently lit up during the holiday season. It’s an obvious sign that only Christians are truly welcome in the building.

Yesterday, county lawmakers caved in and agreed to keep the crosses up, setting up a potential court case.

The county judge and four commissioners made the decision at a packed Commissioners Court meeting, where about 600 people showed up, following nearly two and a half hours of public comment.

“I am a Christian woman, a child of God. I’m here today as a servant of Jesus Church, our Lord and Savior, asking that the crosses on our courthouse in Coldspring be left on this building,” said one woman.

Pastor Phil Herrington of First Baptist Church said the FFRF conflicts with their freedom to express their religion.

“Their religion is humanism. What they’re saying is Christ followers cannot express their freedom, their voice of worship, their voice of God. Yet, they want to express themselves,” Herrington said.

Freedom from Religion Foundation, you’re forcing up your beliefs upon others,” said Christian Stanley, a student of Cavalry Christian Academy.



  1. Hi Scottie;
    As a Christian, you can probably imagine I have less problems with those crosses being on the court house. See, I have read my bible…. perhaps unlike those people there in San Jacinto County. Jesus had a very interesting perspective on the idea of justice. To begin, he was supposed to be the depository for our sin, so that we would not be judged. Ironic, eh? Further, he worked on the idea of forgiveness, forgiving the thief on the cross next to him for his sins, the adulterous woman, the leper that dared to touch him. He clearly stated that those things that are of the government should be of the government and not of the church. And, better yet, he spoke about the spirit of the laws rather than the practice, such as when his disciples were gathering food on the sabbath and the powers that be wanted to charge them with violations of the laws.
    I did a search of the artistry and statuary of the courthouse. I saw no statues about the famous “blind justice” motif. Did I just miss them? Shouldn’t those be sort of prominent, you know, to show that no matter how rich you are, what you believe, who you know, or what you wear, you will be judged fairly?
    In the end, the law does not give room for the expression of a religion – or at least one religion over all others – in government. The laws are very clear. I hear that there are a few people who have read a couple laws and such in that building, you’d think they were aware of them. So, if they are aware of the law and choose to ignore it, what does that say for someone’s case before those judges and such if their case law is…. inconvenient?


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    Comment by randy — May 11, 2019 @ 09:10

    • Hello Randy. Yes I wouldn’t mind the cross if every other religion’s symbol was also included in equal amounts. It really pisses me off the Christian privilege that they expect and demand. Their god symbols only in schools, their bible only taught in “secular bible” classes, their religion only monuments, their religion only creation stories on public lands. They are doing a Fox News State TV idea of constantly repeating the wrong fact that the US is a Christian country / founded as a Christian country and they repeat it so often to young people that it is now largely accepted as true. The other problem we are going to have for generations is the life time judges and politicians that vote and make laws based on the doctrines of their religion, not the constitution or secular laws. They feel their god and their duty to that god out weights their oaths of office. The US is headed full steam ahead into being a theocracy of Christianity just as Muslim countries are theocracies of Islam. We are fucked. Soon we will have religious wars in the US just as they have in Islamic countries where different branches of the religion all claim to be the “real” faith. Hugs


      Comment by Scottie — May 11, 2019 @ 09:24

  2. Dear Christian Stanley, please check the Constitution. FFRF is NOT IMPOSING ANYTHING ON ANYONE. FfRF is only asking that the intent of the Founders, the Law of the Land, be respected, as clearly defined in the Constitution.

    The government is not to show preference for any religion.

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    Comment by SAR — May 11, 2019 @ 20:47

    • Hello SAR. Sadly this young man has been indoctrinated and doesn’t know any better. His teachers and leaders have convinced him of this upside down reality where he and his kind are the real victims of religious discrimination. He has been taught to view neutrality in matters of religion as a denial of the correctness of his religion being the dominate one and freely encouraged by the government. It is a crime what is happening. These groups are raising an army of young people who are radicalized by ever more fringe religious groups. They are isolating the kids into schools or home school where they live a diet of how righteous they and theirs are, while how evil the rest of the people are. Look at the NIFB preacher are like. The Matt Powell and Steven Anderson. Rabid people who wont compromise and take no prisoners. They are as radical as ISIS. This is a cancer in the the country that will kill us if we do not find a way to stop the spread. Hugs


      Comment by Scottie — May 11, 2019 @ 20:58

  3. Didn’t Jesus commands his groupies … sorry, followers to: ”Keep it in (their religion) your pants”

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    Comment by Arkenaten — May 12, 2019 @ 07:24

    • Hello Ark. 😂🤣👍👍 I wonder how many of them realize it is a symbol of execution, a death symbol , not a life symbol? Hugs


      Comment by Scottie — May 12, 2019 @ 07:27

      • Sinner!!! It’s symbolic that you are washed in his blood and Saved you revolting heathen.
        It’s bad enough they cry out Jesus come now, but a crucifixion victim bleeding all over me.
        Like some thoroughly weird and gross sexual fetish!

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        Comment by Arkenaten — May 12, 2019 @ 08:54

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