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May 12, 2019

Happy Ron’s morning

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We do not celebrate mother’s day here.   However I woke up feeling OK this morning and Ron was not too tired from working all night.  So we agreed to a morning plan.  He would stop at the store on the way home and get some eggs, bread, a ham steak, and some hash browns.  I started bacon and sausage.   When Ron got home I cooked us breakfast.   We have not had a breakfast together in months and have not had bacon in about five months.  I have not been interested in eggs so Ron would just make himself a small breakfast.   He was so happy.  He called it his mothers day gift.   I told him I would clean up later as the Sunday news shows were coming on, and I love the news.  But he went ahead and picked it all up and did the dishes and ran the dishwasher.   I love the glass top stove but it is a bitch to keep clean and streak free.  At some point one of us used the scrub pad on it ( unthinking ) and left little scratches in the glass.  All in all a grand breakfast of all the major food groups with a dessert of news.  Ron has gone off to bed as he works tonight.   I am in my office watching the news with both cats snoozing after they had a hand full of treaties each.   All is well in our home.   Hugs


  1. And a Happy “Mother’s” Day to Ron from me as well. 😊

    My daughter sent me a “Happy Mother’s Day” text message at 5:52 AM!! Since I keep my phone on my nightstand, well, I think you know the rest. But I’m not really complaining. It was a nice way to “wake-up.”

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    Comment by Nan — May 12, 2019 @ 12:07

    • Hello Nan. Happy Mother’s Day to you also. Did your hubby make you breakfast? On early morning risings, I normally get up at five in the morning. On nights he is home Ron doesn’t sleep well and so he has me get him up at 8. While it doesn’t bother me, he reminds me to shut my phone to privacy mode as the people on the other side of the world start to comment and like around 2 to 3 AM. 😂 Hugs


      Comment by Scottie — May 12, 2019 @ 12:13

      • Did your hubby make you breakfast? Are. You. Kidding. Me. Heavens no!!! His repeated refrain is I’m not his mother!

        Seriously, we don’t have kids together, so it’s really a non-issue. Besides, I get up waaaay before he does. He’s a night owl, I’m a morning bird. 🙂

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        Comment by Nan — May 12, 2019 @ 12:17

  2. Ha, ha Nan – I thought my husband was the only one who said that! 🙂

    Hubby’s not home (he’s gone away to our daughter’s for 5 weeks) and I will see his mother (96) at a family party this p.m. In fact, just as I typed this I thought, “Uh, oh, I didn’t get a Mother’s Day gift for her. . But our son made brunch for me and his wife (two of the three granddaughters at their house set the table and helped out with serving). That’s the best gift — someone cooking for me!! (I bet you say that, too)

    Now I have to get back to the quilt I am making for another granddaughter – her birthday’s tomorrow. Glad you had a good breakfast; it sounds like you had a feast.

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    Comment by Carmen — May 12, 2019 @ 13:11

    • Hello Carmen. Have fun with the family tonight. I enjoy cooking and now with the kitchen finally getting back to something usable it is getting fun again. I made far too much for just the two of us, but we don’t do big breakfasts much. Ron and I normally cook a lot together. He likes me to do the eggs. He designed the new kitchen so two people could work in it, but it is still in the build phase. I just like to make him happy. Speaking of happy, I am trying to type this with out stretched arms as Milo is laying in front of the keyboard with his head over my arm. He is happy. Hugs


      Comment by Scottie — May 12, 2019 @ 13:21

      • I wish hubby would cook. . . Grrr. . But he does like to sit and watch me; he gives me all sorts of compliments (well, wouldn’t you if someone else was busting their butt doing all the hard work and putting it right down in front of you?).

        I harbour no resentment, as you can tell. . 🙂

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        Comment by Carmen — May 12, 2019 @ 13:28

        • I have an aversion to cooking. I’ll do it occasionally because it’s “my turn,” but for the most part (hooray! hooray!), my other-half does most of it. I’m not a bad cook … and I enjoy trying new recipes. I would just rather not. 😝

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          Comment by Nan — May 12, 2019 @ 14:20

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