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FLORIDA: Three Radio Stations To Air Two Minutes Of Trump Speeches Every Hour Until 2020 Election Day

FLORIDA: Three Radio Stations To Air Two Minutes Of Trump Speeches Every Hour Until 2020 Election Day

The Wrap reports:

A trio of Florida radio stations have announced they will each be broadcasting two minute snippets of Trump speeches every hour of every day until the end of the 2020 presidential race, with the first broadcasts to begin Friday.

“Gulf Coast Media, Inc. senior management acknowledged that broadcasting the President’s speeches may not be consistent with conventional commercial FM radio, but we have taken this approach to show the community’s sincere appreciation for President Donald Trump’s work in Panama City and Bay County,” the station said.

5 thoughts on “State radio joins State TV

  1. Nan says:

    GAG More than ever I’m glad I don’t live in your state!! I often wonder how you keep your sanity.

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    1. Scottie says:

      Hello Nan. The internet and people like yourself is what keeps me sane. I use to think that medical people were more tolerant and progressive until I worked in a hospital. Over half of the staff turned out to be staunch tRump fans. Ron got so fed up with it. Ron says now that only the most die hard fans still talk about tRump, the others that supported him are just not vocal anymore, they have not changed their views. I am stunned when I find out people in my park are tRump supporters. These are people hurt the most by his policies. I get angry and frustrated and it is hard to watch local news because they are totally biased in favor of tRump. Anything this administration does gets a positive story on the local news programs. Yet Obama couldn’t catch a break from these same stations / shows. Hugs

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  2. MDavis says:

    What is the estimate on how much an ad buy of that magnitude would cost a normal person? If they don’t declare this as campaign contributions, I’m pretty sure there is a campaign law violation, and I don’t mean late filing of paperwork.
    Not that anything will ever come of it.

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    1. Scottie says:

      Hello MDavis. You are correct. Look at how much free air time the networks gave tRump when he was running. They cut away from other candidates to show an empty podium waiting for tRump to show up. As tRump has made the entire government his personal servants there is not way this would be investigated or punished. I just hope when he is knocked out of the white house then something can be done about all his lawlessness. We have a country run by a crime family and mob boss want-to-be. Hugs

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      1. MDavis says:

        I get a weird feeling liking this comment, but true is true.

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