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May 23, 2019

Keeping with the pattern of confusing “religious freedom” with the ability to discriminate against groups conservative Christians love to hate

Trump Admin Rule Would Let Taxpayer-Funded Homeless Shelters Reject Trans People

Trump Admin Rule Would Let Taxpayer-Funded Homeless Shelters Reject Trans People

Keeping with the pattern of confusing “religious freedom” with the ability to discriminate against groups conservative Christians love to hate, the Trump administration wants to allow federally funded homeless shelters to deny services to transgender people.

That means one of the most vulnerable populations couldn’t necessarily rely on taxpayer-funded shelters to get help.

Setting aside the obvious fact that consideration of sex is no one’s business, charity isn’t really charity if you’re only interested in helping people who look and think like you. Christians can’t simultaneously believe that all people are made in the image of God and that some are more deserving of help than others. (Okay, they can think that, but not without grave hypocrisy.)

It’s bad enough when Christian bakers and county clerks want to discriminate against same-sex people. But for people running homeless shelters to deny care to people who sincerely need it, all because those people don’t fit into some cookie cutter worldview, it’s nothing more than Republican inhumanity fueled by religious bigotry. It’s also something Jesus never did before helping someone in the Bible.


  1. The thing is, most shelters are sex-segregated (for good reason) & trans-people are in-between those sexual parameters, by their own choice. Until there are shelters for trans-people only, I don’t see how this problem will be addressed. Women have a right to be with women only & not men who identify as women. & transmen can still be raped by other men & produce children, since they are still … really women. So all “identification” aside, sex & biology still exists, science is real & you can’t change your sex no matter how much magical thinking you may indulge in.

    I feel for transgender people. They are caught between a rock & a hard place. I have transgender friends. I get it, it’s not easy but nothing’s easy in this world. & I remember when there were no DV shelters for women who had been beaten by their men. & it was the WOMEN, the FEMINIST WOMEN who got out there & raised the money & got the shelters going. Not the government. & we didn’t do it by taking anything away from anyone else & saying that they “owed” it to us because they “identified” as us. We were REAL about our situation.

    Instead of crying “TERF” every time someone disagrees with them & saying how transphobic the world is, they should try organizing in real ways that actually help THEMSELVES. Not take away rights from women. Ya know … we might actually want to help something like that. I know I would.

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    Comment by silverapplequeen — May 23, 2019 @ 09:50

    • Hello SAQ. There are different types of shelters. This policy change would refer to all types that get taxpayer money. This is about private shelters run by churches or other organizations that take tax taxpayer monies. Remember LGBTQ are taxpaers also. So hurricane shelters for example would be allowed to not admit Trans folk if the organization wished to exclude them. Also homeless shelters. This is not just about places that offer shelter to abused / battered women.

      Using your logic then gays and lesbians also should be denied use of the shelters. Both can still be raped by those in the shelters, and some men / women are uncomfortable around the homo’s. Don’t they have a right to their spaces also.

      We disagree on the idea that trans people are not the gender they feel they are. That is different from genitalia. They have shown with brain scans ( yes I know some hate to admit it but there are differences in the brain between males and females ) that trans people do show to be the gender they claim. This “fear” of a trans person because of their genitalia is a problem with understanding what is trans. What these women need to really be worried about is sexual orientation, not biological genitalia. A trans person who may have been born male but has had sexual reassignment surgery would be OK to be with “born” females then? What should we do with inter sex people? There are a lot more people born with a combination of both genitalia than I ever suspected.

      In a shelter or bathroom unless someone is checking genitalia there shouldn’t be a problem if a person identifies as the gender they are with. It would be wrong to walk around nude in any case of any gender. I go into a public bathroom I have no idea the gender of a person in a stall. I also do not see why shelters should be any different.

      Again this whole things is a misconception of the problem. If assault is the fear then anyone can be an assailant. If sexual assault is the problem then the sexual orientation is the problem not gender. Hugs


      Comment by Scottie — May 23, 2019 @ 12:19

  2. Good points, saq!!

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    Comment by Nan — May 23, 2019 @ 11:32

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