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May 25, 2019

Add on to last post

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Aborting a clump of cells the size of a pea is a crime worthy of life imprisonment, but letting an actual baby die due to neglect is just hunky dory. Welcome to the insanity that is ‘Murica in 2019.


conservatives: “liberals are passing abortion bills that legalize child murder after birth!!!!”

fundie christian actually births child, then kills it: silence



Believe me… if the fetus had a condition that would have caused its death in the womb… these folks would have gotten medical aid faster than you could say “Hypocrisy!”

But on the other hand… maybe not. What’s another dead woman more if you have to upkeep the divine law?


How in the world do you decide what is, or is not, a ‘legitimate’ religious belief? Establish a governmental panel to pass judgment on religion? Religion shouldn’t even be a legitimate consideration. These people belong behind bars, and permanently stripped of their parental rights.



Yeah! I mean, suppose someone kills a child and then claims they sacrificed them to the Great God Pan because He requires the blood of the firstborn? How is that any less “legitimate” than Christians neglecting their kids to death? After all, the Christian God required human sacrifice of children many times in the OT, yet somehow Christianity is “legit”.


This is what a christian nation would look like. Christians can kill and use their religion to hide behind. Ironically they use the laws to their advantage because those were made for christians. If a muslim would do that this law would never apply!


There are a lot more, but I think these made the point.  Hugs

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