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May 25, 2019

MI Couple Who Let Baby Die Because “God Makes No Mistakes” Wins Key Court Ruling

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Religion is deadly for children.  How is this OK just because religion is involved?  If the parents did not take the child for medical care because they were poor they would be charged and found guilty.  But religion gets a pass to kill?  IS this country a theocracy?  Damn this pisses me off more than I can type! Hugs

MI Couple Who Let Baby Die Because “God Makes No Mistakes” Wins Key Court Ruling

The Michigan Supreme Court just issued a ruling that could allow parents who murdered one child to regain custody of their three other kids… all because they happen to be religious.

The midwife told mother Rachel Piland to take the child to a hospital because the baby “could suffer brain damage or die if not properly cared for.”

Rachel didn’t do that. Instead, she said “God makes no mistakes” and insisted Abigail was fine.

Days later, Abigail was dead. (Rachel and her husband Joshua then prayed for her resurrection. Surprise: That didn’t work, either.)

A medical examiner later attributed it to “unconjugated hyperbilirubinemia and kernicterus,” both jaundice-related problems that were treatable. Abigail never had the chance to see a doctor when blood was coming out of her mouth, she wasn’t eating, or her skin became further discolored. All because her parents put more trust in God than someone who could actually help.

But here’s the other issue: Seven weeks after Abigail was murdered, the Pilands’ two other sons were taken from their custody. Last year, the couple had another baby. The baby had the same health issues as Abigail. The parents were prepared to murder her, too, so state officials took the baby shortly after her birth and gave her the treatment her sister never received. That baby girl is still alive — and also in the custody of her maternal grandparents, just like her brothers.

Under Michigan law, a parent cannot be considered “negligent” if medical treatment for a child is denied because that parent was “legitimately practicing his religious beliefs.” The Pilands, who say they were just practicing their faith when they killed their baby, really want the jury to know about this law.

Yesterday, sadly, the MI Supreme Court ruled that Baird was wrong, upholding the Court of Appeals ruling. That means if the defense can show the parents were simply living out their religious beliefs, they can point to a state law that says they’re not negligent parents, therefore they should retain custody of their kids.

It’s a horrible decision that could result in more dead children if the Pilands regain custody.

Religious conviction should never be a “Get Out of Jail Free” card, but this couple stands a good chance of avoiding jail and regaining custody of their three other children all because they belong to a cult that doesn’t think twice about child sacrifice.

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