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May 26, 2019

Project Blitz, the conservative Christian strategy for pushing their religion through the government

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Poll: Only 12% of Americans Actually Want Bible-Only Classes in Public School

If you’ve been paying any attention to Project Blitz, the conservative Christian strategy for pushing their religion through the government through a variety of methods, you know one of the goals is to get Bible classes in public schools.

Advocates say the classes are secular in nature, but every district that offers them are opening themselves up to possible legal troubles if the classes aren’t taught objectively. If Florida’s version of the bill becomes law, every school district would be required to offer the class — and find someone qualified to teach it, even if it comes at the expense of hiring another English or science teacher.

Once the Bible gets in schools in a formal way, it’s much easier to twist objective analysis into straight-up proselytizing.

Now, a new Hill-HarrisX survey finds that only 12% of Americans support the idea of Bible classes when other religions don’t receive the same treatment — which is exactly what Project Blitz is pushing for.

In other words, there’s only a small group of people pushing for the kind of legislation that the Religious Right wants to see in public schools… The bad news is that those people have a ton of political power.

Americans United for Separation of Church and State says that 11 states currently have pending legislation regarding Bible-only religion classes.

The classes they’re pushing for are just a way to promote the idea of Christian supremacy. Only the Bible matters (no matter how many people don’t believe in it). Only Christianity has cultural influence. No other belief systems matter.

In other words, if a group of Muslims were pushing for objectively taught classes on the Qur’an, the Christian Right would call it a backdoor approach to promoting Sharia Law. But when it’s their holy book, it’s perfectly acceptable.


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