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June 12, 2019

Facing GOP Opposition, Trump Uses Loophole To Install Hardliner Cuccinelli

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Facing GOP Opposition, Trump Uses Loophole To Install Hardliner Cuccinelli

President Trump this week installed a hardliner with plenty of enemies in the U.S. Senate as a pinch hitter temporarily leading the government’s immigration and naturalization agency, U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services. Daring establishment Republicans on Capitol Hill to object, Trump skipped over the Senate confirmation process by using a loophole in federal law.

Ken Cuccinelli is not only right-wing — in 2012 he called Rep. Steve King (R-IA) “one of my very favorite congressmen”— he’s also long been an agitator within his own party. The former Virginia attorney general chaired a fundraising group that challenged Republicans from the right, including Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY), and rallied behind toxic candidates like Alabama’s Roy Moore.

When then-USCIS Director L. Francis Cissna, himself a public face of the Trump administration’s immigration restrictions, announced on May 24 that he would leave that post at Trump’s request, attention turned, yet again, to Cuccinelli.

The law outlines the process by which vacancies are filled atop executive branch agencies. Vacancies can be filled by the “first assistant to the office,” another Senate-confirmed official or someone else who’s served for at least 90 days in the year leading up to the vacancy.

Cuccinelli was none of those when Cissna resigned.

In Lawfare on Monday, Steve Vladeck explained how the President got around that problem: “Apparently, Cuccinelli has been named to the brand-new position of principal deputy director of USCIS, a role that, so far as I can tell, did not exist before today. Presumably, the new staff position of principal deputy director will supersede the deputy director as the first assistant for purposes of the FVRA.”

“Acting” directors, as they’re known, can serve 210 days under the FVRA, or even longer if the President formally nominates someone to take their place.

The move gels with Trump’s admission that “it’s easier to make moves” with acting officials in charge, rather than permanent, Senate-confirmed ones.

Can We say dictator now?  The Emperor has abolished the power of Congress.   This is serious people, we had better understand we are becoming China in the way the government runs.  One party strong man dictator in charge and the people are forced to obey or die.  I am reading what China’s government is doing in Hong Kong after promising them autonomy.  They simply kidnapped bookstore owners who sold books China did not like, transported them secretly to the mainland and put them in prison.  After a good hard beating of course.  

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