10 thoughts on “Capitalism in the US

    • Hello appletonavenue. I am going to run under the assumption you are trying to make a joke to help lighten a terrible situation. It is a disgrace in a country often claimed to be the richest nation on earth that an elderly person is forced out of assisted living for lack of ability to pay. I have seen older people where I live either have to sell out and move into their children homes ( something uncomfortable for all ) or simply stop taking medications and not eating to keep trying to pay their bills. Which leads to them dying earlier than they would have. We need more assisted living in the US as it is a big problem with the growing elderly. Locally several groups including the big hospital system have started home health assistance, but the questions arise who will pay for it. Right now Medicare is paying for some or most of it.
      Last point I will make is it should be a crime to handcuff a 93 year old lady like that. She is not a threat to the police around her. It is an outrage how elderly are treated. Hugs


      • If we vote for the “thedivine1,” we won’t have to worry about these old folk anymore.

        (I hope you know I’m joking! In reality, you are absolutely correct. Many of them are most definitely getting the short end of the straw.)

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        • Hello appletonavenue. Sorry nope. Feeling worse. I have been drinking medication and coughing up phlegm like you wont believe, and it is not pretty. Come to think of it I don’t think I am very pretty to look at right now either. My nose is not only clogged but feels swollen and sore. Fluid ( if you call it that ) is running from my sinuses into my throat like it was a race from a volcano. That causes me to choke and cough until I can bring it up. My throat feels like little micro miners have been looking for valuables with rasps and sandpaper in it. Also my eyes feel like a Army squad bivouacked in them for a few days. I am on box two of facial tissue. Oh well could be worse, I could be a Republican. Hugs

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