POLITICO: Trump says Melania T is the new Jackie O

tRump long hate the Kennedys. Remember during the visit to England he commented he was the new American royalty. Hugs

Trump says Melania T is the new Jackie O
“We have our own Jackie O, it’s called Melania, Melania T,” Trump said.

Read in POLITICO: https://apple.news/AyGNVlOLIRwCgpkZDUOJ8AA

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13 thoughts on “POLITICO: Trump says Melania T is the new Jackie O

      • It’s Mr. Banana Wannabe Republic that said it, and it’s so typical. He must have just heard about Jackie O and how classy she was, I am just oh so sure that more and more people are talking about her, so he’s gotta one up a guy who was assassinated 56 years ago. “My wife is classier than his wife. Neener neener. I repeat – eyeroll

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        • Hello MDavis. From what my hubby tells me ( he worked as tRump’s butler ) tRump has long hated the Kennedys. He really is jealous of anyone that gets more praise or status than him. The idea that the Kennedys were more deserving of being US “royalty” is a grave insult to him. Plus he never forgets a grudge and anyone that makes him look bad or insults him he feels he must destroy. It is not just Obama’s legacy he wants to destroy, it is any family more famous or has more credit than his. He really does think he is better than any human on earth. In his mind he is the greatest and his offspring are superior to any others except him. So to have Jackie O given a higher status than his wife ( who he called “it” ) is an insult and must be destroyed. Hugs


          • Trump called his wife “it”? Or was that for Jackie? It is a mark of how low this sob is that I don’t know and cannot guess without checking – although either was is truly low. So if he intends to lay waste to any family any family with more praise or credit that would leave us with true swamp dwellers, but not the good kind.

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            • Hello MDavis. Yes he was talking about his wife. If I were to talk to my hubby the way he talks about his wife I would be the biggest asshole and feel really horrible about it, yet he doesn’t care. Here is his quote.

              President Donald Trump on Friday likened his wife to the beloved former first lady Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis, saying, “We have our own Jackie O, it’s called Melania, Melania T.”


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    • Hello Nan. You are right! But he is getting away with it so …! I don’t understand. I noticed the mention in both stories that the new design mimics his shuttle business look. Plus he refuse to endorse Pence for 2024. I wonder if he thinks he will get a third term or if he plans to put Ivanka in as President. I am surprised he doesn’t dump Pence and install her as his VP. Hugs


        • Hello MDavis. Well… a girl’s gotta dream.
          😁😂🤣🤦‍♂️ tRump won’t endorse Pence because in his mind he is the beginning of the ruling family of tRump. He doesn’t get our democracy nor does he care. He has tasted power and he plans to hold it for his family alone. I really think he considers himself the ruler of America and his children the next rulers, like North Korea. He sucks up to dictators because he thinks he is one of them. He is not disregarding the laws on a whim, he really feels they do not apply to him, and yes he doesn’t want his taxes coming out as that ruins his grand daydream. We are so fucked. The 1/3 of the country that did this… they will be the loudest complainers when this shit stain simply does away with all of our rights we think we have today. Hugs


    • Oh Brian. Thank you. We are so fucked right now. It seems an impossible task to pull our country out of the ditch the hateful ones have steered us into. Thanks for thinking of us, remember what we were fondly. Hugs

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      • Don’t give up the fight. One of the problems is that the Democrats are already scared of the next election. Forget about that. You will lose the next election. Meanwhile, fight him on everything, every decree, every tweet, everything. And build a new platform for all Americans. Remember: Americans never back of from a fight.

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