Trump Claims Queen Elizabeth “Hasn’t Had So Much Fun In 25 Years” As She Did When He Was Visiting Her

This is the person with the power of a US president.  He is not sane.  He lives in a weird reality he creates in his mind.  If he was not wealthy he would be called a crazy kook.   Hugs

Trump Claims Queen Elizabeth “Hasn’t Had So Much Fun In 25 Years” As She Did When He Was Visiting Her

The Hill reports:

President Trump said on Friday that Britain’s Queen Elizabeth II had more fun with him during his state visit to the United Kingdom this month than she has had in more than two decades.

17 thoughts on “Trump Claims Queen Elizabeth “Hasn’t Had So Much Fun In 25 Years” As She Did When He Was Visiting Her

  • Dream on, orange orangutan. Dream on.

    I can pretty much guarantee the most fun she had was when she waved goodbye to him and his uncouth, greedy, shyster clan.

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    • Hello John. Yes I give her and her grandchildren credit. Especially Prince Harry. tRump had just insulted his wife and yet due to protocol Harry had to be a gracious host. I found it very telling how much work went into making sure that none of the royals other than the queen got photographed with a tRump. tRump Sr tried repeatedly and vigorously to get pictures of his children with the princes. They were rebuffed at every attempt. At one point the Princes went to one side of the room while the tRumps were at the other. Yet that orange shit gibbon in the white house did not get the hint and still stated his family was the US royalty and his children were the equal of the Queen’s. He even went so far as to make the stupid statement about how he wanted the kids to have a private meeting to plan out how the future should be governed. Totally fucked up. Hugs

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        • Hello John. No I missed that. Grand! I know the Queen was totally refusing the carriage ride thing, but missed the carpet thing. Thanks for telling me. I will google red carpet queen and see what I can find. BTW You may have heard that tRump is taking over the annual DC 4th of July fireworks display to make it all about him. It gives him a small part of the military parade he has been demanding and not getting. Of course everyone is against this and the costs are huge. Here is the boil on your ass of it all. tRump still owes DC over 7 million dollars for the security costs of his inauguration. The total cost was over 27 million. To get parts of the money the district has had to threaten to sue, called in favores from congress, and basically threaten to go public.. They have done that because tRump people who are flushed with campaign cash refuse to pay the moneys owed. Our President, a professional money grifter / stiffer. Hugs

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        • Hello John. Did Obama get a red carpet on exiting the plane? I ask because I tried hard to google this and all I got was the red carpet for Obama in front of the English “White house”. Every google search I did came back with tRump stuff. Weird. Thanks again. Hugs


          • I looked too, after posting that, and it seems he didn’t. From what i found (Telegraph article) they flew in earlier than planned, at night, because of volcanic ash, but I’m not sure if that was the reason, or if there always just isn’t one. Still, it’s nice thought to think they snubbed Trump 🙂

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  • I’m sure her skin crawled each time they were in the same room. She will certainly be aware of the lies he tells and the damage he’s doing to America in his current role. It won’t be making her laugh.

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    • Hello David. You are so correct. One thing that came out was that for decades one thing tRump has done to try to get more money was to claim the English Royal family members were buying into his properties and his resorts. When my hubby worked as tRump’s butler at Mar-a-lago tRump kept claiming several of the royal family are members. The royals then had to issue press releases to counter those claims. tRump did not care as the goal he wanted in new investments in his properties had started. He did it repeatedly. The rumor is the Queen and family were pissed to the max about him playing on their name. tRump did not care. It meant nothing to him how he was sullying their name, for him it was all about the profit. Now the same ones he milingned and wouldn’t stop had to treat him nicely. The Queen and family were nicer than I could have been. Hugs

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      • I doubt that Scottie. Her Majesty has to be pleasant even to morons like him because that’s her job. You on the other hand are nice because it’s in your nature. It’s Be Nice and f you can’t help it……Be Nice.

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  • Actually, I sure he did put on quite and entertaining show for her. That’s what he does best. You know the loud guy at the party? Sometimes you laugh at his jokes, sometimes you laugh at him. I’ll bet he was practicing his oneline zingers in front of the mirror before dinner and yet the Queen had to look around at his entourage to see what the reaction was so that she could tell whether or not she was supposed to laugh. 🤦‍♀️ 🤷‍♀️

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