15 thoughts on “We need to change the laws to give people dignity in their end of life. Hugs

      • Hello Inspired. Just wondering how you are doing. I have been off email and others blogs lately and I was worried about you. I hope things are going well with you, that the doctors have your blood pressure over the current administration under control. I am not sure the country has enough blood pressure medication for handling tRump. Not for me anyways.
        Anyway I wanted you to know I think of you often and hope all is well. Hugs


        • Thanks, my friend. I’m hanging in there. Scared to death that the fucker Trump and his SS minions, the GOP, are gonna kick me off my disability at any time and kill me through homelessness, but, other than that, I’m OK. ๐Ÿ™‚ How are you, my friend? You can send me an email, if you wish.

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          • Hello Inspired. I am glad your OK. I will in a few days. I fell recently and damaged my self badly. I hit the center counter so hard I snapped the support brace on the sink cabinet and pushed the side one back six inches. I am still trying to get back to speed. I see my doctor in two weeks and if it is not better they will look to see if I fractured my left hip, again! I am glad you are OK. I worry about you. You can email me any time. Best wishes. Hugs

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    • Hello John. Yes! I am at a loss to understand what is the problem. I guess it is because of religion , which promises something you can only have after a lifetime of paying them for, and then dying makes them feel like you cheated them if you die early? They don’t want their members rushing to the reward?

      As someone with dying bones and deep chronic pain I can understand wanting it to stop. I worked in an ICU and seen PT’s often say they wanted to simply go while we were legally required to keep them alive. I have seen people whose bodies have given out and can not keep going and they are suffering yet we had to keep resuscitating them due to the family not willing to let them go. I have seen death with dignity. I have also seen the effects of those families who wouldn’t let us stop and the damage it did to the human they claimed to love. I once stayed at a woman’s bedside for four hours, not leaving her because she had no family and asked not to die alone. That is or should be a human right.

      I agree with you, it is a basic human right. I just don’t know how we move forward in the US now with the Evangelicals in charge? We are fucked. Hugs

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        • Hello John. Yes several states have done so. But with our system of state / federal government it runs into problems. Take marijuana for example. We have a bunch of states where it is legal yet the federal government claims it is not legal. So banks can not legally deal with stores that sell a legal item, no one involved can get a bank account, there is a constant threat of federal arrest. You have to pay in cash as no credit card can legally be used according to federal laws. It is a nightmare because old as fuck white dudes who drink massive amounts of alcohol don’t want to admit weed is just as OK.
          The same is going on with doctor assisted end of life. The overwhelming Christian presence in our country is demanding that is demonistic stuff. They block and fight any attempt to give end of life care. Hugs

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  • It would be a not guilty from me too. It would be much better if there were an assisted law which allowed professionals come and provide the right amount of drugs to ease someone’s passing. My wife died in a hospice with just the pain managed but over a too long period. We were there holding her hand when she died but it would have been nice to have her go when she was ready and not just when her body gave up.

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    • Hello David. I am sorry for your loss. I am glad you were able to be with your wife when she passed.

      Both my adoptive parents passed here in Florida in Hospice care. In the case of my adoptive father he begged us to get him out of the north and bring him down here to die, he hated what his own kids were putting him through. He lasted 3 weeks after Ron went up and got him. Ron had to fight one of the demon offspring to make it happen but we did it. The AF ( adoptive father ) had three requests before he died and we made all three happen. His kids hated us and convinced the adoptive mother that she had murdered her husband. They really are horrible people.

      So a few years later the AM ( adoptive mother ) calls and begs us to get her and bring her to Florida. Again Ron does so. About 5 or 6 years later she is at death’s door. She chose hospice. Her choice. The demon spawn goes nuts.

      They called the Hospice house claiming to be lawyers, claiming to be either Ron or I, claiming they were the FBI, anything to get her transferred to a hospital. Once one of them claimed to be me saying Ron had beaten me to get me to agree to allowing her to go to hospice.. It wouldn’t have made any difference. She knew as did we her time was done. She preferred to end it this way instead of in a hospital with more trama. But she couldn’t get her brood to understand that.

      After her death the demon spawned tried to have Ron and I charged with murder for allowing both of them to go to hospice.

      The fact those assholes will never understand is the comfort their parents got in the hospice hose while dying. The food ( even though she did not eat ) was top of the line, the plates and bowls were real china, everything was top quality. They even let her have her favorite booze. I knew she would go soon when they would make her a drink and she wouldn’t drink it.

      Yes I think there needs to be changes in the law. AM lasted in pain and agony far longer than she wanted. She kept telling us she was ready to die why did it not happen. We had no answer.

      Again David I am sorry for your loss . Hugs


    • Hello Nan. Isn’t Oregon the same state where the Republicans walked out and went into hiding so the legislature can not vote? Where the militia offered to escort and kill police to protect those same Republicans. Hugs


        • Hello Nan. One of the Republicans threatened to kill the State Police Officers who came to take him back. A state officer threatening to kill a police officer! That has to be address. This is the party that claims
          blue lives matter. The party that claims they are for law and order. If a Democrat has said that the out cry would be off the charts. Hugs


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