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  1. A deist probably would probably quibble with the “If God was real” quote because deists believe all religions are man-invented and faith is irrelevant because “God” is an impersonal creator who has never reacted with man and lets his creation speak for itself (and what it says is we’re at the mercy of fate).

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      1. He was also a scientist and a teacher. He wrote some articles and books explaining science subjects so that I could understand them. Apparently, if a gravity field is strong enough it has what amounts to its own gravity. This is why some people thought that the Earth had a twin planet, always on the other side of the sun – the sun’s gravity has its own gravity and the earth-twin theory was an attempt to solve the riddle of why too much gravity was showing up in research.
        He wrote mysteries as well, mostly sort of a riff on Jeeves (P.J. Wodehouse) or on Sherlock/Watson, with a club full of smarty-pants and this butler style guy solving all the mysteries.
        I had some friends who said they knew he was about to die because of the change in the tone of his editorials in the Isaac Asimov magazine. But I was caught by surprise. I always think that they’ll live forever, until they don’t.

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        1. Hello MDavis. Don’t we all. Death comes as a surprise to most of us. Even now I find it hard to accept I am 56 and my spouse is 64. Just a few years ago we were in our 20’s. Hugs

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          1. I didn’t find my guy until we were nearly 40 – we waver between regretting not having more time together and being glad (more realistically) that we did get together.


            1. Hello MDavis. It is grand you found each other and please don’t waste time with worries that don’t matter in the end. Every couple I know gay and straight has the “oh if only I had more of this or if he was doing that or if we had more sex and even the odd we have too much sex” and it simply means they have not focused on the good but only on the bad. I think you have captured the golden ring. Ron and I were lucky we found each other as it was pure chance, ( we had both had relationships we thought were the one that turned out to be not the one ) yet the first time we met we fell in love and knew we wanted to be together forever. Life together has been an interesting adventure. I am very glad you both got together and are happy. That is wonderful. Hugs


            2. Hi Scottie. Thanks for this. I do know not to let regrets take over, but sometimes they move in like fast growing weeds and have to be removed. I do look them over before I toss them in the trash for ideas on how to make life happier, but me and hubby actually do pretty good. It IS the golden ring! Comparing to others, as I have done, is not a true comparison. Comparing us to others is comparing our inner angst to others best-foot-forward faces. It was such a relief to realize that this was the truth, that hubby and I are each other’s golden ring. You are very lucky to have each other, I think, but it isn’t just luck. I think you have an honest heart, for a way to express it, and a caring one as well. Ron must be someone pretty special as well.

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            3. Hello MDavis. Yes to all you said, and I agree Ron is very special, to me . I think something most people don’t realize is how hard society has made it for LGBTQ+ people to find loving companions. After all, they have demonized us to the point even grandma’s throw insults. Hugs.


            4. I honestly hadn’t thought of that, so I probably owe you apologies. Or, I guess, I’m one of those people who can afford to forget. My issues have been more personal, with certain family members sabotaging me at every opportunity. I have the good fortune of being able to cut them out of my life – they are not everywhere I go.
              In the face of having to deal with such, you persist. I don’t think I could do as well, and I salute you.

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