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July 7, 2019

Trump speak

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The Republican Party has a war on Christian babies, toddlers, and children held in their custody. They are being treated worse than terrorists.

Trump and Stephen Miller should be at the Hague.

And if your response is “well they and their parents broke the law” then:

A. Many of them are asylum seekers. Seeking asylum is NOT illegal, in fact, it is a legally protected right we have agreed to uphold.

B. By that logic, if you are SUSPECTED OF mispaying your taxes the IRS should be able to kidnap you and keep you on a concrete floor with a tinfoil blanket and no soap. People don’t magically lose their rights or status as human beings just because they’re awaiting an asylum hearing or deportation trial.

C. If you say “well they aren’t American citizens like me, so they don’t get the same rights.” -It doesn’t work like that, and it shouldn’t. If your citizenship and right to be somewhere must exist and be proven in order for your basic human rights to exist, then the government can just steal or destroy your ID or passport and boom, no more rights for you. The State has declared you an Un-person. Who are you to argue against the State?

Regardless of your stance on immigration policy this is an outrageous and immoral way to treat human beings. The government has lawyers trying to argue that they aren’t obligated to provide soap or blankets to people that the government has locked up. Defending that shows a staggering level of blindness to the possibility that this treatment could someday happen to people like oneself.

Either everyone has basic human rights, or very quickly nobody but the powerful does. Choose wisely which way you’ll support.






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