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July 12, 2019

Newsweek: Migrant Camp Inspector Says Babies Are Unwashed, Sobbing and Critically Ill

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Migrant Camp Inspector Says Babies Are Unwashed, Sobbing and Critically Ill
July 12, 2019 Elora Mukherjee, the director of Columbia Law School’s Immigrants’ Rights Clinic, recently interviewed 70 detained migrant children in Clint, Texas. They were so dirty they had a stench, she says, and was unable to be near them without feeling ill. The lawyer testified to Congress on Friday, telling the House Committee on Oversight and Reform about the horrid conditions she saw while inspecting facilities that are a key part of the Trump administration’s child separation policy.

Read in Newsweek:

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  1. As has been said…The cruelty IS the policy….that’s the entire point of this whole thing. People need to lose jobs over this…..including the guy that is soiling 1600 Pennsylvania Ave

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    Comment by Brookingslib — July 12, 2019 @ 16:58

    • Hello Brookingslib. I 100% agree. But what stuns me and what I find hard to understand is the amount of people in the CPB who enjoy acting this way. These people want to be cruel, mean, demean other, and lord their authority over others. It is not just people at the border, I have posted about people coming through customs who have been seriously mistreated even when they are citizens and the CPB took joy in doing it. I hate what is happening in the US right now. Hugs


      Comment by Scottie — July 13, 2019 @ 17:44

      • It all starts at the top my friend. And we know who that is!!

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        Comment by Brookingslib — July 13, 2019 @ 20:48

  2. Trump and everyone down from him who is involved in this sorry affair should be sued. Since we hear about it all the time, no one can plead ignorance now and excuses of just following orders will not be accepted. This is inhumane.

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    Comment by davidprosser — July 12, 2019 @ 17:37

    • Hello David. More than sued. I keep reminding people that if a parent / care giver did these things it would be child abuse and those people would be up on charges. No question. Many people have lost their children for less neglect. This is clearly neglect and criminal conduct. What is so frightening is these people doing this enjoy it and think it is OK. That they think these people are not humans like their kids, their families, is so similar to Nazi German that it is undeniable. David it is a small step from what is happening now and letting these people die, or killing them. I am worried my country will face a horrible fate when the world says they wont stand for this. Yet the world should condemn us. Hugs

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      Comment by Scottie — July 13, 2019 @ 18:00

  3. Hi Scottie. I’ve told you before that I think you are the outspoken conscience for a lot of us, and I know it can take a toll on a person’s spirit. That is part of why I got out of blogging. To invest sufficient emotional effort to write something effective about something that is completely heartbreaking, maddening, sickening, etc., means that I can’t play like “I didn’t see that; it doesn’t effect me”. The fact is, of course, that it does, and I did, and it’s heartbreaking. This absolute horribleness in living color that is going on at our border courtesy of Trump and his trumpkinski’s is beyond human.
    Scottie, as you know, I have family and friends that are republican. But not a single one of them would allow a baby to be abused in their view. These friends and family would willingly wear a MAGA hat, and think that their stance on immigration was right, needful even, but would lose their mind to see a child living in a cage. Somehow Trump has convinced these good people that what they are seeing on the news and what those “damn libtards” are saying is all lies and “fake news”. And yet, it’s happening, and in their name.
    Scottie, it is horrible for me that I am now coming to understand my grandparents better, my great-grandparents better. You see, I always wondered how anyone could live seeing the people in Auschwitz. I always wanted to ask how people could stand by and see the horrors of slavery played out in living color. And, I could just not understand how people could read their “good book” on their quiet evenings by the fire while the native population of the country was rounded up and destroyed without thought. And, now here I am, watching the horrors of modern day concentration camps and people being forcibly separated from their children for the audacity of wanting the chance to survive, and I’m absolutely powerless to do a damn thing about it.

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    Comment by randy — July 13, 2019 @ 05:35

    • You speak truth, randy. And it’s sickening. That people actually AGREE these people deserve such treatment simply because they’re skin is tanner is mind-boggling. But unfortunately, they walk among us.

      And the politicians that ALLOW this to happen — as Pence did when he stood right in front of these “caged” men and saw (and smelled) their condition — and then stands in front of a microphone saying everything in hunky-dory?!!? This is the worst example of humanity on display.

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      Comment by Nan — July 13, 2019 @ 11:43

    • Hello Randy. Damn well said , my brother. You nailed it. I have had a bad week and not been blogging or reading blogs much, but I have still been in to the news.

      When I was in Germany in the 1980’s, You couldn’t find a single older person who would claim to support the Nazis. It was such a shame that no one would admit to being one or knowing any, not a single family would admit to a close relative being a Nazi. The entire population fought against the Nazis. That will happen to us, when we get our big slap down because of these creeps, these abusers will slink off into the shadows and under the rocks they normally hide in. What this situation says about our leaders, about our fellow country people is sickening. The cruelty is part of the plan is sadistic. It is not normal.

      As for relatives, remind them that by US law and international treaty crossing the border for asylum is both legal and needed. These are not criminals nor illegals, despite what state TV said. Remember all the young people who fled to Canada rather than serve in an unjust war action? Canada took them in. They did not mistreat them nor send them back. Remind the relatives that the governments own inspectors found and reported the same things the reporters and congress people have? Ask them if they seen a neighbor child treated this way what they would do? If they would do something different than it is bigotry and racism.

      Hope all is going well for you. I will be back on my feet in a few days. Hugs


      Comment by Scottie — July 13, 2019 @ 18:23

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