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July 14, 2019

ABC News: Michigan man shoots wife after mistaking her for an intruder, sheriff says

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Michigan man shoots wife after mistaking her for an intruder, sheriff says
The women was 30.

Read in ABC News:

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  1. Well, that’s a convenient excuse. Ten to one he was abusing her for years.

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    Comment by silverapplequeen — July 14, 2019 @ 06:07

    • Hello silverapplequeen. Could be, I don’t have any information on that. The neighbors did not seem to say anything bad about him. Here is what we do know, and what if a fact, studies show a gun in the home is much more likely to harm a family member, normally a child, than it will be used for self defense. For home break in protection dogs, lights, cameras, and noise are far more effective in stopping any intrusion. Hugs


      Comment by Scottie — July 14, 2019 @ 06:24

      • Hi Scottie;
        You are so right. Unfortunately, we have come from a “wanna be a cowboy” culture that requires us to somehow channel Wyatt Earp or Bat Masterson and have the shootout to save the castle. I am not anti-gun, but I am very much anti-gun-idiot, and if a person’s first response to a problem is to reach for a gun then they have escalated whatever incident it COULD actually be to a now life and death issue. That particular incident could be as minor as a line not moving in the dmv, to “I’m being picked on in school and I’m not taking this crap anymore”, to playing Dirty Harry in the dark. Somehow these gun-idiots have got to get it into their head, and we need laws that force it I guess, that a gun is a LAST response, NOT THE FIRST. Maybe “Criminal Dumb-Assery”. Maybe if the NRA was more interested in the safe use of guns, like their original charter, than the greater and greater sale of guns like they are now, we wouldn’t be where we are: surrounded by well-armed idiots and shoot first cowards.


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        Comment by randy — July 14, 2019 @ 12:20

        • Hello Randy. Well said brother, very well said. I agree that the “hero” mentality inspires many gun deaths. I have posted about the people who think they will be heroes and pull out their gun only to endanger everyone. But the fact is in the night when you are jostled out of sleep, in the dark, feeling afraid… that is the worst time to grab a gun. And that is when family members die. Hugs

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          Comment by Scottie — July 14, 2019 @ 16:53

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