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July 18, 2019

Racist power mad police and corrections officers thugs make life hell

Filed under: Bigotry, Criminal, Education, Fascism, Harm, Hate, History, News, Political, Questions, Race — Scottie @ 07:25

This is a long read.   But it is an important read.  From correction officers deliberately poisoning  prisoners food, forcing them to eat it, and then enjoying their vomiting defecation bloody reactions of their bodies to the poison.  The deliberate cruelty is part of the plan.  The guards get enjoyment from being able to hurt and harm those defenseless to protect themselves.  Not only is these actions taken to dehumanize and inset unquestioned control over others even outside of custody but to make people fearful to even think of demanding their rights and standing up to abuses of power.  Just like in every fascist authoritarian country world wide.  As I said this is a long read with horrible details of abuse by police and guards towards POC, but we must understand what is happening if we ever have a hope to change it.   Hugs

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