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July 20, 2019

Another group dehumanized for sport

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Court rules it was legal for jail guards to force female inmates to strip, remove tampons for ‘training exercise’

The two Republican appoint judges approve of this treatment and said it did not violate the women’s rights.  Read what they called these women.  This is clearly a hate tactic.  If this is not a violation of civil rights what could be.  Imagine hearing this was done in a different country, we would be outraged.  Imagine if it was you that was forced to do this.  I hope there is some way to appeal this ruling.   Hugs

During the incident, 200 women were told to leave their cells, only to be taken to a beauty salon that connected to a bathroom in the prison, court documents state. Documents also state that the “the beauty shop had mirrored walls, and the bathroom entry was open to the gym, the searches were visible to the people in the gym, including male and female cadets, correctional officers, and civilians.”

“One by one, they were told to raise their breasts, bend over, spread their buttocks to expose their vaginal and anal cavities, and cough. Menstruating inmates were forced to extract tampons from inside their bodies,” court documents alleged. “The female correctional officers and cadets conducting the searches made derogatory comments and gestures about the women’s bodies and odors, telling the women that they were ‘dirty bitches,’ ‘f—ing disgusting,’ ‘deserve to be in here,’ and ‘smell like death.'”

“Male correctional officers watched the women from the gym,” documents added.

“Construing the record in Appellants’ favor, as we must on summary judgment, approximately 200 female inmates were rounded up early one morning by a tactical team in riot gear,” Lee wrote. “Tightly handcuffed by guards who screamed obscenities at them, the women were taken to the gym, where they remained, handcuffed and standing, until the guards searched them. The women were not told what was happening or why. This mass strip search of female inmates was conducted solely for training purposes, but the training was not strictly necessary, as most cadets graduated without it.”

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