6 thoughts on “Another Minor Dies In Border Custody

  • I cannot watch TYT anymore. They seem to be totally incapable of getting to the point. Rachel takes her time, showing you the path, step by step, but the Young Turks just take forever, talking back and forth about how awful something is, like we cannot figure out that something is awful.
    So sad, if they get more succinct in their presentation I’ll never know. And they do seem to have important stuff to say, to boot. Like this. I wish they would publish a headline version of their news.

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    • They have to take up air space. That’s what they’re paid for. And by dwelling on the “awfulness” of various events, they draw in the emotions of their audience … which helps to make them repeat listeners/viewers … and helps the ratings.

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      • I do appreciate people like Scottie who digest metric tonnes of news and relay the important bits to the rest of us. For me, it is information that I wouldn’t have without him. I get that they need to fill airtime, it is just more than I can do. Again, many thanks to Scottie for passing on the information that they do share.

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    • Hello MDavis. Very true. Or they go off on a useless chat that is not very informative. However over all I get good news most of the time. I would have preferred to post the written version of this, but at the time I posted it they had not sent the news letter out. How ever the way this kid died, the ignoring his 103 degree temperature, his being recorded vomiting and no one helped him has to told so people understand just how bad it has gotten and what our government is doing. Hugs

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      • Nan’s point that it’s a way of filling airtime is a good one – I guess as professionals they cannot just stop when they run out of news so they repeat and speculate to fill he time. I hope they find a way to report on other items in the remaining time. They could do weather. There is plenty of weather to go around.

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        • Hello MDavis. They claim each show there is more news than they can get to. However part of their thing is the “human hosts not being scripted”. They try to do a talk show type format. I would rather have less banter and more fact based news. I have taken to watching it the next day when I can fast forward through the parts that are not about the news. However it makes it hard to get clips from the show. So I tend to look up the things they talk about. Hugs

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